Tournament Records

Historic GT Performance
Guardian Cup VII- Necrons/CSM 
Ist Overall
TSHFT- Invitational 2014- Necrons/CSM
1st Overall
TSHFT Champion  
Storm of Silence GT (Spokane) 2014- Necrons/CSM
6th Overall
Player's Choice
Best of Necron  
TSHFT- Emerald City Slaughter 2014- White Scars/Tau
Player's Choice/ Best Hobbyist  
Guardian Cup Open- Necrons/CSM
1st Overall Bracket A 
OFCC Open 2013- Necrons/CSM
1st Overall 
TSHFT- Championship 2013- Necrons/CSM
TSHFT Champion (1st Overall)
TSHFT- Emerald City Slaughter 2013- Necrons/CSM
3rd Overall
DMB Brawl 2012-Necrons
10th Overall
Best Painted 
WargamesCon 2011-Eldar
12th Overall (RTT)
Railhead 2011-Blood Angels 
6th Overall
Player's Choice
3rd Best Appearance 
Alamo 40K 2011-Blood Angels 
10th Overall
WargamesCon 2010 -Blood Angels
2nd Overall
Alamo 40K 2010-Blood Angels
6th Overall
Best Appearance
Player's Choice
BoLScon 2009-Space Marines
9th Overall
Adepticon 2008-Eldar
31st Gladiator
Best Hybrid Team (Death Guard)
Adepticon 2007-Lost and the Damned
116th Gladiator