Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ancient Varren Zhul, the Bloodstalker

I made this guy for my counts as Wolf Priest. I used the Chaos Khorne Exalted Hero, who also provided a lot of extra cool pieces to put on other troops (like his awesome Khorne stormshield). I gave him a Chaos bolt pistol and CCW arm, though I switched out the chainsword for a mace from the Chaos Knight kit. I fitted a backpack to him, but I had to cut down the bottom part of it to fit.


Anonymous said...

That is badass!

Anonymous said...

Looks very good. A month ago I was just thinking that this back pack and this head would perfectly fit to a Chaplain and others derivated. Now I'm sure with that!

J.R. Vosovic said...

Awesome mini. I made a similar conversion.