Sunday, May 17, 2009

Methalor with the New IG Codex

So some of you may remember my old Methalor Penal Legion army I made for the Macharian Crusade. With the new IG book I decided it was time to revamp and touch up the old guys. The list I made ended up being pretty different in form than my old list, but it seems like a lot of fun.

Primaris Psyker 70
Primaris Psyker 70

These guys seems like a blast. I load them up in the Valks with some Veterans and they get to blow 4d6 S 6 shots on the flank. If it's a MC or vehicle then they'll re-roll to hit thanks to Bastonne and the 'Take it Down!' order.

Penal Legion 80
Penal Legion 80
Penal Legion 80

These just seem like a natural choice for this army. The fact that they are stubborn, can outflank, and can roll some really cool abilities just sweetens the deal.

Veterans w/ 3*Meltaguns 100

These guys load up in one of the Valkeries and try to down a vehicle on the flank with their meltas.

Veterans w/ 3* Grenade Launchers, Missle Launcher, Powerfist 115

These guys control my backfield and take pot shots.

Veterans w/ 3*Plasmaguns, Grenadiers, Bastonne 205

These guys hang out with the Psykers, issue orders to themselves, and contest and hold far objectives.

Fast Attack
2*Valkyries w/ 1*multiple rocket pods, 1*Lascannon 245

I suppose these have been explained pretty clearly in the other entries, but I have to give a shout out to the multiple rocket pods, they are awesome.

2*Banewolves w/ Heavy flamer, Smoke Launchers 270
2*Banewolves w/ Heavy flamer, Smoke Launchers 270

These squadrons are really, really killy. In a game Thursday a group of them destroyed a twenty man combined Infantry squad, and today one of the squadrons killed an entire Thousand Sons squad. They do the most damage in the list.

Heavy Support

Demolisher w/ Hull Heavy Bolter, Plasma cannon sponsons 205
Demolisher w/ Hull Lascannon, Multimelta sponsons 210

These guys can do a few things for the list. Foremost they attract alot of fire and are very resilient. They are also this lists main way to kill 2+ armour.

That's it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Full of Monkey Designs goes on line!

Full of Monkey Designs is a brand new painting service which just went live. I happen to be one of the artists for the service. This post is meant for two things. One, to welcome all my readers and anyone who enjoys my work to also become my client. And two, to announce that this blog will be getting more active in the coming months as I use this site to show in progress commission work. There are a number of artists on the site, with many different styles, so come check it out.