Friday, August 24, 2012

No One Expects the French Inquisition

Just a little commission; GK Dreadknight and a Bastion, Tier 1.

Cheese-eatin' Surrender Monkeys

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cheap-O Wraiths

So I have really been wanting to play with Wraiths after proxying them for a couple games, unfortunately new Wraiths aren't in the financials this month. Obviously I did not want to keep proxying them, and with the prospect of a tournament this next weekend, I decided I would kit-bash some from the ol' bitz box as a temporary fix.
So I ended up using a Lychguard dispersion shield as the body, with a pair of paperclips as the tail attached to the base. I used the back of a Necron torso to bulk out the underside and provide a slot for the head. They have Tyranid Warrior scything claws with the details cut down and Mawloc spines as secondary arms/tendrils. I have done a couple different heads; one extra from a Spyder, a few SM searchlights with Necron frontface, and two with LRC targetters.
I like how they came out for something I am using on a short-term basis. They don't have the size of the new Wraiths but they match the old 3rd ed. ones fine, so should be no harm/ no foul situation....

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vostroyan Officer as Straken

This guy was a little commission for a local player. Because of his mech-y bitz this guy will count-as Straken in a Cadian force. I think he'll be quite the standout commander.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

OFCC Army Pics

The Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge is a comped, soft-score heavy team tournament held every year here in Portland. I didn't play in it (it is still doing 5th ed. this year because of the list approval process), but I went down and got to enjoy one of my favorite parts of GTs, looking at all the armies. There were over 90 players in all. I got shots of a few different armies.

First off is my favorite army of the event, a very nice Genestealer Cult 'counts-as' Tyranids army. This army has some very cool concepts including the power lifter from Aliens as a Trygon.

Here is the "Cult Clown Car" Tervigon Limo:
The Patriarch and his giant Hybrids as Tyrant/Guard:
The Leman Russ as Tyrannofex:
Adeptus Mechanicus Grey Knights:
A nice very wolfy Space Wolves army by Stiff Neck Studios:
I don't what this is, but it looks awesome:
Not a ton of pics, but those were the ones that caught my eye the most. Perhaps I will play in the event next year....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sons of Ishtar

These are some of the Marines (Space Wolves) that I have Allied to my Necrons. I named them the Sons of Ishtar (a goddess who happens to also be the Greek goddess Astarte). The idea is that these Marines were locked in battle with my Necrons when their fate befell them. The Marines have slumbered alongside the Necrons, locked as statues on the battlefield. Now awakened, the Sons of Ishtar feel nothing but rage, and strike out against any who encounter them.