Sunday, March 15, 2009

Battleforge Heavy Tournament 3/14

So I took my Eldar down to a tournament at my local store, Battleforge Games, yesterday. It was the Heavy format, meaning stronger lists were the focus with less emphasis on painting and composition. I hadn't played in a tournament since early January, nor played with my Eldar in even longer. My amry consisted of an Avatar, a Farseer, two large Fire Dragon units in Wave Serpents, a Shadowseer Quin unit, three Avenger units, two Wraithlords, and a Fire Prism. Let's break it down.

Game 1 v. Brandons Tyranids
Brandon was a nice guy I had seen at a few local tournaments (though never a Battleforge one) but we had never played. His army consisted of a Flyrant (really sweet model pictured above), 5 Fexes, a Warrior brood, a Lictor, a couple small Gaunt broods, and three outflanking Genestealer jobs. Primary objective victory points, secondary objective seize and control objectives, tertiary objective kill the highest point enemy unit (one of the heavy fexes for him, a fire prism for me). First turn I forced both Fire Dragons units into his armies teeth and performed a general advance. Turn 2 I was able to kill 3 of his Fexes with Fire Dragons and the concentrated fire of the rest of my army. The Tyrant charged in a killed one of the Dragon units, but was gunned down the next turn. My Avengers were able to kill the Genestealers which got close to them. I ended up tabling him by the top of turn 5. 22/23 points

Game 2 v. Davids Dark Eldar
Game 2 I was on the top table versus David, who I had played a few times before in tournaments. I don't remember the exact composition of his army, but it had something like 26 Dark Lances, a Talos, and a few Wyche squads. Primary objective victory points, secondary objective take the center, and tertiary objective hold the line. David got first turn and managed to destroy both my Fire Dragon Wave Serpents and get a first turn charge with one of his Wyche units on some Avengers. I eventually managed to see them off, with the assistance of the Avatar. The Harlequins killed the Talos, my Fire Prism tank shocked a unit off the board, my Avengers bladestormed a few Warrior squads off the board. I destroyed much more of his army than he did of mine but he had way more scoring units still, so he took the middle, securing him the seconday objective, I got the other. 16/22 points

Game 3 v. Josiahs Space Marines
I have played against Josiah plenty of times and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the last round matchup. His army was Vulkan Hestan, a Terminator Librarian, 2 Thunderhammer Terminator squads, a big scout squad, a Tactical squad in a Rhino, and three Landraiders (one being a Crusader). I figured my Fire Dragons would have a field day with all those Landraiders, but in the end the Dragons didn't kill one of them. Turn 1 my Prism blew away one of the Raiders, leaving Vulkan and a Terminator squad stranded in front of a Dragon Serpent (the other Serpent zoomed in front of the two intact Land Raiders. In his turn Josiah was able to knock down both Serpents with Landraider fire. I killed Vulkan and the Terminators with a bladestorm from the Avengers and the remaining Fire Dragons. A thunderhammer squad charged my Avatar but between being hit on a 5 and having a fortuned 4+ save he was able to weather the storm and wait for the Harlequins to bail him out. The Avatar and Wraithlords managed to walk across the board and smash the other Land Raiders. 19/22 points

In the end that left me one point ahead of Brad (fellow Flylord Bulwark) and his Orks for first place. Thomas aka goatboy placed third with his Nob biker army. So full Flylord placing in the end...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lamenters Strikeforce Iltempus

The Strikeforce assembles under Chaplain Athaloc, Captain Roderic, and Librarian Jordanes

Captain Roderic w/ Bolter, Power Fist, Hellfire Rounds 135
Librarian Jordanes w/ Gate of Infinity, Plasma Pistol
Force Dome, Epistolary 165

8*Sternguard w/ 2*Combi-plasmas 210


10*Marines w/ Meltagun, Multimelta, Combi-melta 185
in Droppod 35

10*Marines w/ Meltagun, Multimelta, Combi-melta, Power Fist 210

5*Scouts w/ Heavy Bolter, Combi-melta 95

Fast Attack
10*Assault Marines w/ Power Weapon 205
5*Vanguard w/ Jump Packs, 2*Power Weapons 190

Heavy Support
Land Raider Redeemer w/ Extra Armour, Multimelta 265
6*Devastators w/ 2*Missle Launchers, Lacannon 171
Vindicator w/ Extra Armour 130