Monday, June 30, 2014

The List, pt II "This Time It's Personal."

So back in November I published 'The List' for the first time, a running log of all the models I paint, both for commission and personal use. The last one ran from around May-November, meaning this one is a little late, but about a year total for the two lists combined So here is Nov.-Jun.:

Dghengo (1) - Done
Chaos Space Marines (10) - Done
Terminators (5) - Done
Zufor (1) - Done
Noise Marines (7) - Done
Immortals (10) - Done
Scythes (2) - Done
Beetle (1) - Done
Master Forgefiend (1)- Done
Tech Levy (16) - Done
Ashen Circle (5) - Done
Meganobz (5) - Done
Jetbike Master (1) - Done
Battlewagon - Done
Kor/Erebus (2) - Done
Noise Marines (10) - Done
Killbotz Display Board (1) - Done
Magos (1) - Done
AM Adsecularis (10) - Done
Icarian Thallax (3) - Done
Scarabs (9) -Done
Azog (foot & mounted) (2) -Done
Yazneg (On Foot and Mounted) (2) -Done
Thranduil, King of Mirkwood (1) - Done
Gwaihir (1) - Done
Elrond (mounted and on foot) (2) -
Thror (1) - Done
Legolas Greenleaf (1) - Done
Tauriel (1) - Done
Mirkwood Rangers (10) - Done
Knights of Rivendell (6) - Done
Mechanicum Knight (1) - Done
Mirkwood Captains (2) - Done
Cyber Mastiff (1) - Done
Drow Ranger (1) - Done
Drow Party (5) - Done
Rampagers (5) - Done
SM Bikes (5) - Done
Relic Hunters (7) - Done
Rampagers (11) - Done
Contemptors (2) -Done
Tacticals (10) -Done
Praetors/Consuls (4) -Done
Red Butchers (10) -Done
Hive Tyrants (2) -Done
FW Avatar (1) - Done
Crones (3) - Done
Jetbike Warlocks (8)-Done
Farseer (1)- Done
Baharoth (1) - Done
Tacticals (10)- Done
Rhinos (2)- Done
Grave Wardens (5) - Done
Typhon (1) - Done
Vigilator (1) -Done
Contemptor (1) -Done
Tacticals (10) - Done
Achilles (1) - Done
Hive Tyrant (1) - Done
Harpies (2) - Done
Spartan (1)- Done
Megaboss (1) - Done
Display Board- Done
Bike Details (15) - Done
Kharn/Moritat (2)- Done
Dynat (1) - Done
Destroyers (5) - Done
Warp Spiders (8) - Done
Cron Objectives (6) - Done
Assault Squad (5)- Done
GK Terminators (5)- Done
Missle Launcher Marines (2)- Done
Predator Angrinator (1) -Done
Phoenix Terminator (3) -Done
Cron Warriors (5) - Done
GK Terminators (5)- Done
Saboteur (1) - Done
Spawn (5) -Done
Tyranofexi (2) - Done
Mawloc (1) - Done
AM Adsecularis (10) - Done
Night Scythe (1)- Done
Overlord (1) - Done
Barge (1) - Done

~295 Infantry
~30 Vehicles/Monstrous Creatures

So that is about 600 Infantry and 50 big things in the year, not bad...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Envoys of Tombworld Ib, Dynasty of the Fleshy Kings

Many Necron Lords long to return their race to the flesh and blood form that was stolen from them. For the rulers of the Tombworld Ib, this longing has become an obsession, and the sole purpose and catalyst for all of their actions. In raid after raid, their enemies are terrified to find that the Legions of Ib take but one thing in their battles; the fallen corpses of the enemy.

The Lords of Ib, dubbed the 'Fleshy Kings' by Inquisitor Balorea,  have employed numerous dark technologies and spent countless hours experimenting on the flesh of the living races, trying to create a vessel in which they and their legions could dwell. The Envoys represent their most current, best, attempt at this feat. The Fleshy Kings have found it easy to create biological bodies, manipulating and tweaking genomes on a molecular level and growing the resultant creatures in vats of biological compounds. Yet they have found it very difficult to animate these hulks, much less transfer their minds into them. Thus  the Lords of Ib have experimented with the use of  mindshackle scarabs to reanimate the dead, stealing corpses from the battlefield and recreating their synapses with nanotechnology. The combination of these experiments has given rise to the Envoys, vat-grown monstrosities based off the Space Marine genome and animated by a network of mindshackle scarabs acting as a crude nervous system.

Though unpredictable in battle, they are quite resilient. Elimination of the Envoys and any other field test experiments should be of the highest priority when engaging the armies of Ib.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ghost Ark Bitz Warriors

So I made these guys almost entirely from extra pieces off the Ghost Ark, barring two Warrior arms on the two rightmost Warriors. The legs were the most work; I cut off the platform they were standing on, then broke and reposed them at the knee, and some also at the hip. They end up matching my army by just looking a little decrepit. I like how the two leftmost ones ended up being reminiscent of the original Necrons, the old Chaos Androids...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Den of Snakes

Third Phoenix Terminator done; any ideas for the last two little shields?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Alpha Legion Saboteur 'Gamma Gamma'

Got on a bit of a roll and instead of doing either of the options I listed, I kitbashed and painted up this guy. I used Sternguard and Vanguard pieces, an old metal Raptor jump pack, MKIII with plastic crest, and converted Cataphractii combi-bolter (oh, and some Kroot knives)...


Friday, June 6, 2014

Hail Hydra: Another Legionnaire

Completely another Brother of the Alpha Legion. I am purposely going really slow on this project and it feels nice. Trying to decide if I want to do another Terminator or if I should do a Tactical Sergeant next...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kilbotz army Objective Markers

I got this little follow project for the rusty Canoptek Necron army. I like how they came out.
I call the one above 'Derp Spyder'.