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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hydra Guard: Phoenix Alpha

 I finished my full 'Rewards of Treason' unit, some Phoenix Guard terminators, who I have been calling the Hydra Guard or Phoenix Alphas. I really like how the gold and turquoise interact visually and it was fun doing the individual shields, which covered the most prominent Emperor's Children iconography.

 I also did this second Tactical Sergeant, which I am pretty pleased with....

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Den of Snakes

Third Phoenix Terminator done; any ideas for the last two little shields?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Alpha Legion Saboteur 'Gamma Gamma'

Got on a bit of a roll and instead of doing either of the options I listed, I kitbashed and painted up this guy. I used Sternguard and Vanguard pieces, an old metal Raptor jump pack, MKIII with plastic crest, and converted Cataphractii combi-bolter (oh, and some Kroot knives)...


Friday, June 6, 2014

Hail Hydra: Another Legionnaire

Completely another Brother of the Alpha Legion. I am purposely going really slow on this project and it feels nice. Trying to decide if I want to do another Terminator or if I should do a Tactical Sergeant next...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heresy Alpha Legion Tester

So long, long ago, back before all this FW Heresy craziness, my original project in the period was Alpha Legion (c. 2006 or so). That Heresy Alpha Legion army was actually my third Alpha Legion army overall... so I have had a thing for the Legion for a while. Anyways, seeing all their new fluff, and rules, and colour pages has completely drawn me back in, and I am hooked on them again.

I don't particularly care for how FW has painted their models, don't like the metallics, but I see more takes on Alpha Legion from more painters than any other legion, so I'm not worried about it.Theoretically this guy is a Vigilator in Scout Armour.

Missing from this model is the capitol Gamma I intend to incorporate on my models (as the new FW book has them using various Greek characters as heraldry).

What do you think of my first take?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Blast from the Past, Lost and the Damned Goatmen

I found these in a box and they took me back. They are part of my unit of 25 goat-headed mutants I used in my Lost in the Damned army circa 2006 or so. It has little relevance, but I also found my old 1850 list from back then, crazy...

The Royal House of Lord Alphonis
1st Head of the Aventine Shadow Crusades (Alpha Legion Cell A3.93//)

ALLIED Daemon Prince Quentis Augustine Alphonis, Chainfist, Terminator Armour, Spiky Bitz, Bionics, Ether Lance, Daemonic Rune, Daemonic Mutation, Daemonic Essence 230

Operative Marach(Lieutenant-), Power Weapon, Infiltration, Pistol, Frag Grenade 77

ALLIED The Bohemian Guard 5*Chosen Terminators , 2*Chainfists, 1*Power Fist, 1*Reaper Autocannon, 2*Champio, 2*CCWs, Spiky Bitz, Furious Charge, Counter-attack 278

De Rojo Mano, 25*Burly Mutants , Champion , 2* Flamers
Power Weapon 251

Los Insaniatas, 16*Armoured(nurglesque) Mutants , 2* Flamers Champion ,
Combi-bolter 163

Unit 1.1,9*Traitors , Missile Launcher , Agitator , Chaos Hound 109

Unit 1.2, 9*Traitors , Lascannon, Agitator, Chaos Hound 114

ALLIED The Disciples of Avenbrook, 20*Cultists , Assassins (free), Champion , Power Weapon 135

ALLIED Sub Cell A3.93.4//, 10*Chaos Space Marines , Infiltrate , Plasma Gun , Aspiring Champion , Teleport Homer 178

Heavy Support
‘Modeste’ Leman Russ Battle Tank , Lascannon, Improved Comms,
Track Guards 190

‘The Captain Ryan’ Basilisk , Indirect Fire 125

Friday, June 6, 2008

~The Structure of a Cell~

A Treatise on the Organisation of the Alpha Legion of Space Marines

The Alpha Legion are the most secretive and mysterious of the Chaos Legions, thus aquiring information on them, much less their organisation, is incredibly challenging. Thus it is with great pleasure I present to you this analysis of the Alpha Legion structure, whose most basic building block is the Cell.

Types of Cells-While the Alpha Legion themselves do not distinguish between the types of Cells, I find this classification to be very helpful.

Daemonic Cell- These Cells reside within the Eye of Terror. They are the minority as many of the Legionnaires never went to the Eye. These Cells are those with the highest percentages of inherently Daemonic troops, such as Raptors, Possessed, Obliterators, or Defilers not to mention actual Daemons. Not to say that these units do not exist in Cells outside the Eye, they are just much rarer. These Cells are usually led by powerful Daemon Princes, and their attacks generally do not include as many Cultists as other groups.

Structure Cell- These Cells are for the most part theoretical, but are said to be made up entirely of Operatives. For those of you unaware, an Operative is a human who is part Marine, usually with psychohypnotic indoctrination and impantation of some Adeptus Astartes organs. These Operatives are usually part of the Imperial infrastructure, anything from an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Team to a planetary government to even members of the Inquisition. In fact, our only proof of such Cells is the defection of Inquisitor Kravin, previously the leading scholar of Alpha Legion activities. Such a Cell could potentially control an entire army, or perhaps even a whole planet.

Shadow Cell- These Cells form the majority of the Legion. These are the Marines who retreated back to the Legions hidden bases throughout the galaxy at the end of the Heresy. Most action by the Alpha Legion is perpetrated by these Cells. It is believed the largest concentration of these Cells are in the Ultima and Pacificus Segmentums. These Cells are always heavily supported by Cultists and other support, such as mutant revolts and traitorous Guard regiments. The Marines of Shadow Cells tend to have very few daemonic gifts, but do have an affinty for daemonic pieces of wargear. Since their longevity is not extended by exposure to the Warp the majority of Shadow Cell Legionnaires are new recruits. The few veteran members are believed to extend their life through various methods including extended periods of stasis, Warp tonics, and pilgrimages to the Maelstrom and the Eye.

-Lord Inquisitor Fenius

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Horus Heresy Final Battle: The Inner Sanctum, An Alpha Legion Perspective

So my Alpha Legion did pretty nice in the final battle. I arrived late (as did three other players, two on each side total), so brought my army on totally out of reserve. I got into the thick of the fighting quick, engaging the Raven Guard and Dark Angels on the far flank, and protecting a vital objective. Heres some pics...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Alpha Legion Cell II, Krusk Nebulae Garrison

This is my Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion army. I built this to play in the Austin Heresy-Era league which has been great fun. It took getting used to play Loyalist Marines again(they were one of my first armies 10 years ago), but I've completely enjoyed it. So much so in fact that they have become my go to army for Apocalypse. The greatest part about having a Traitor PH legion is that you get to field units out of the Chaos codex and Space Marine one. Rest assured my Techmarine+Possessed in a Rhino has been great fun.

The Alphas managed to come in 2nd at the first BFG Hobby Tournament in February 08' with two wins and a loss.

The Aventine Crusades

This is my Alpha Legion themed Lost and the Damned Army, called the Aventine Crusades. I was very sad when I learned that more than likely this army would not be redone any time in the foreseeable future, but that feeling was soon replaced with elation when I learned that my local gamestore, Battleforge Games, would be allowing their use in Tournaments. So, reborn, and dusted off with some jazz from the new Codex, I present the Crusaders...