Monday, December 27, 2010

The Parasite and Friends!

"...a Tyranid bioform never before encountered- a bat-winged creature the size of a Tyranid Warrior... this tail was tipped with a hollow tube, similar to a serpent's fang..."

This is a list that I purposely put some fun units into, as well as cut out the spam, mainly for video battle report purposes. The Parasite is one of my favorite HQs, but there aren't a lot of cool places to deploy him (too bad I don't have any Sky-Slashers!) When I decided I wanted a Carnifex brood with a Prime attached, I decided why not throw the Parasite with them. I'm also going to throw down a unit of Stealers in a Spore, might be good, never seen it done. So here is the goofy 1850 list:

The Parasite of Mortrex 160
Tyranid Prime w/ Bonesword & Lash Whip, Adrenal Glands 105
Hive Guard *2 100
Ygmarl Genestealers*8 184
Termagaunts *10 50
Tervigon w/ Catalyst 175
Warriors *4 120
10*Genestealers w/ Toxin Sacs, Broodlord 216
in Spore 40
Carnifex w/ Frag Spines *2 330
Trygon 200
Mawloc 170

Like I said, very goofy, but I think a lot of those units will be fun to play with...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Carnifex to All

Amid all the craziness today, I managed to find time to paint this cute little guy. I am planning on playing a Brood of two with a Prime and the Parasite of Mortrex attached. Should be pretty interesting, fun little unit...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Battle Reports

Not a big post, just letting everyone know that I added a new gadget with links to all the BoLS battle reports I feature in on the right-hand side. This will be updated and added to as I do more reports. I'll also mention that I just added Force Organization tags, so those are a fun way of looking through stuff here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ancient Viridian, Master of the Depths

Quintus Viridian was Captain of the Lamenters 7th Company from 576-603.M39. He was gravely injured by an Eldar Aspect warrior on the world of Karamet, and was interned in the Dreadnought 'Malfeasance', an unfortunately named machine. Viridian goes to battle armed with a Mk IV 'Heavenshard' Fragmentation Cannon, which is in reality is simply a missle launcher loaded with glass cylinders. It was a miracle he survived the Badab War, as during the rebellion he became one of Huron's closest advisers. It was later ruled that Viridian had secretly been trying to undermine Huron the entire time. So it is, that two millenia later, Ancient Viridian still battles the foes of the Emporer.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Angel and the Demon

So I made this army list as an attempt at substituting strong assault units (like Terminators or Sanguinary Guard) with the use of both Sanguinor and Mephiston simultaneously. Despite costing over 500 points for the pair of them (quite the chunk at 1850), they really have a great synergy together. With the right mix of support units these two can form the core of a very effective army. Edited army 1/1/11.

HQ: Menoloth, the Lost One (Mephiston) 250 pts

HQ: The Lamenter (Sanguinor) 275 pts

Elite: Furioso Dreadnought 171 pts
Smoke Launchers; Blood Fist with Heavy Flamer; Frag Cannon; Searchlight
1 Drop Pod

Elite: Sanguinary Priest 60 pts

Elite: Sanguinary Guard 240
5 Sanguinary Guard; Power Fist; Chapter Banner

Troops: Assault Squad 223 pts
9 Assault Squad; Meltagun; Power Fist x1
1 Rhino; Searchlight

Troops: Assault Squad 245 pts
10 Assault Squad; Meltagun*2; Storm Shield x1
1 Rhino

Troops: Assault Squad 126 pts
5 Assault Squad; Flamer
1 Razorback; Heavy Bolter

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad 130 pts
Missile Launcher x4

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad 130 pts
Missile Launcher x4

I played a game with it last night for the first time against Dark Eldar, won kill points 15-11 (though the Sanguinor got four KPs [Wyches, 3 Haemoculus'] himself, and knocked a unit of Incubi to 1 model). A squad of Reavers almost wiped out one of my Dev squads, but the lone missle launcher went on to destroy two Ravagers. Overall a real fun game that tested the army to its fullest...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scout Bike Squad Alegario

Veteran Alegario and his unit, Brothers Turro and Danilo, are brothers from birth, not just as Space Marines. It would be remarkable for a family to have one son recruited, much less three, and for all of them to have made it this far in the process is nothing short of a miracle. They have learned to communicate over a lifetime, and do not even need to speak on the battlefield. Their recruitment, as well as the recruitment of other Initiates at that time, was not sanctioned by the High Lords. Though the Lamenters were prohibited from creating any new Brothers while on crusade, Chapter Master Malakim Phoros knew that this would mean the extinction of the Lamenters. Thus, in 940.M41, three years after Phoros returned to the Chapter, he commissioned Lukas, the Captain of the 10th, to rebuild his Company.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Calix Eros

Calix Eros is one of the few Calix in the Chapter to have earned a suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armour. Eros joined the Priesthood later in his career, having already earned appointment to the 1st Company. Thus it is with those Brothers with which he goes to war. He wears the Death Mask of Calix Tervingi (died 637.M39) and wields an ancient axe earned during the Feast of Blades.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Honor Guard #1

Brother Talib, member of Honor Guard 'The Sun Serpents"

Slow Skaven Progress

With the rule changes, a pair of the super cheap Plagueclaw Catapults made their way into my lists. I think these quick conversions came out pretty good. I didn't want to expend too much on them, as I am pretty sure they are getting a model in January, but these work great for now!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tir'Sahras Warp Spiders

Recently got inspired to get back to a few Eldar units I had unpainted...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Area 51 RTT 11/13

So on Saturday I went with a bunch of the Austin guys for a RTT at Area 51 Games in Grapevine, TX. We had to hit the road at about five am and I carpooled with Bigred, Bushido, and CRP. Got to the store and it was pretty nice, they had tons of tables packed in there. I really liked the terrain and the guys running the event did a good job. They were using a kind of hybridized P/S/T Nova format where the four Nova Objectives were rearranged on a P/S/T system each round. Primary was worth 4 points, secondary 3 points, and tertiary 2 points. A different kind of setup I hadn't seen before for sure. I later found out that any ties were worth 0 points to both players. I played this list. Let's go through it.

Game I v. Nick V.'s Tyranids
So Round 1 I was paired up against Nick from Chapter House Studios and his Tyranid army. Above you can see ole' Sangy' fighting one of Nick's Tervigons, which is made using a conversion kit Chapter House sells. His army had two HQ Tervigons, Deathleaper, three Zoans, two Hive Guard, a troop Tervigon (w/ min Gaunts), a small squad of Genestealers, two four-man Ravener broods, and two Trygons. Our board had lots of low line of sight blocking terrain, and no high vantage points. We had primary VPs, secondary objectives, and tertiary table quarters. I stole his initiative. Both my Baals got excited and busted a little early (haha), zooming into his ranks with no real plan unfortunately. But once Angels started hitting in it got a little better. Sanguinor charged in killing a Tervigon then later his Hive Guard while the Sanguinary Guards first charge killed about twenty spawned Gaunts and his Zoanthrope unit. My Devs managed to kill a Trygon with their missles before Death Leaper popped out next to them. Good for them they got him with a krak missle to the face right away. Our armies really brutalized each other in this close game, so we tied the primary (for zero points we find out at this point), he got objectives 2-1, and we tied quarters. So 0/0 for me.

Game II v. Brian B.'s Space Marines
So next game I played against Brian and his want-to-be-grown-up Dark Angels. Primary was KPs, secondary quarters, and tertiary objectives. My opponent had a Terminator Librarian, a Thunder Hammer unit in a Crusader, a Tactical Terminator squad, three Tactical squads w/ Razorback, and two Predators. He combat squadded all the Tacticals, went first, and advanced with all his transports. I responded by killing two of his Razorbacks with my Devastators, and destroying his Land Raider with a Meltagun out of the top of a fast Rhino. His Terminators charged the Rhino to no effect and were then killed by a charging Sanguinor and Sanguinary Guard. My Baals outflanked and took destroyed some objective holders. My Sanguinary Guard kill another combat squad, a Predator, and cleared off another objective. I got full points.

Game III v. Matt R.'s Eldar
So I finally ended up playing one of the Austin crew, and this was an especially funny match-up because we had play-tested these armies just a few days before. In the test game Matt had managed to use his Guardian screen to prevent me from getting a charge off on his Wraithguard with my Sanguinary Guard. I learned my lesson and made sure to get a few more shots in to thin the Guardian horde this time. We had Dawn of War this game. The Sanguinor was able to see off a Banshee squad, but took two wounds due to power weapons and being doomed. But then he synced up with the Sanguinary Guard for the charge on the Wraithguard and some Guardians. Managed to kill Eldrad with fourteen fearless wounds. Once he was gone I was really able to manage everything better.

Game IV v. Mike W.'s Death Korps
Game four had primary KPs, secondary table quarters, and tertiary VPs. I played against a pretty mech-ed up IG army with spearhead deployment. He had three Russes of various kinds, two Vendettas, four Vet squads (two in Chimeras, two in Vendettas), a hellhound, and a Command HQ in a Chimera. I only deployed my Devastators and used his Officer of the Fleet to make my kill points harder to get. The Devs started off by downed a Vendetta, but they got shot at by his whole army and folding in two turns. The Guard and Sanguinor deep struck into his backfield and started to wreak havoc. We ended up tieing VPs, but I won the other two.

All in all a really fun tournament, I ended up fourth overall. A lot of the Austin crew won awards. Kings took Best General, Bushido won Players Choice, with Caldera getting 2nd Overall and CBJ 2nd Best General...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Batching it...

Decided to do all sixty some odd at once. Getting there....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What you know bout' Bigbug?

So this is my current Tyranid build for 2000 pts...

Hive Tyrant w/ 2*Talons, Adrenal Glands, Leech Essence, Paroxysm
2*Tyrant Guard
2*Zoanthropes w/ Pod 160
2*Hive Guard 100
8*Ygmarls 184
10*Termagaunts 50
10*Termagaunts 50
Tervigon w/ Cluster Spines 160
Tervigon w/ Cluster Spines 160
5*Genestealers, Broodlord w/ Scythes 118
5*Genestealers, Broodlord w/ Scythes 118
Trygon 200
Trygon 200
Trygon 200

I really feel this list is a re-envisioning of the old 4th ed. Big Bug list. The biggest reason is the scoring monstrous creatures, and their ability to create more scoring units. But also, in keeping with 5th ed. being more BADASS, I have made sure they are all 6 wound monstrous creatures. The exception to this being the Broodlords, who really are almost monstrous creatures themselves. It really sucks in KP games...

Bloodsnakes of Khorne

This unit should be a fun addition to the Daemons. I wanted to use some Fiends, but I didn't like the metal guys (plus these ones are a lot cheaper). I thought about converting some sort of blades onto them, but really like the aesthetic of the original models, so just gave them a red job and called it done...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Methalor: The Unconventional IG

So I have had a huge problem finding an IG army list I like to play since the new book came out. The thing is, with the old book, I used to field a whole lot of Last Chancers. It was a very elite Guard army. The same thing isn't really possible with the new book. So I figured the thing to do would be just to fully embrace my theme. I field a Penal World force, so Penal Legions squads all the way. Just have to put in enough support to help them out. Here is the list, which I think should be alot of fun... the Command Squad w/ Yarrick ride in the Valk....

Yarrick 185
Company Command w/ 2*Meltas, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs 100
Storm Troopers*5 w/ Meltas*2 105
6*Penal Legion Squad 480
2*Banewolves w/ heavy flamer 260
2*Banewolves w/ heavy flamer 260
Valkyrie w/ Rocket Pods 130
Demolisher 165
Demolisher 165

Friday, October 22, 2010

What Flavor of Baals Do You Like?

So my Lamenter army lists usually have a hefty set of Baals to get the job done. I have almost always gone with my trusty Flamestorm version, but when playing against meched up lists they are almost useless. The Assault Cannon option, though the same strength, greatly benefits from multiple shots and rending against vehicles.
I definitely did not want to take out both Flamestorms so went with the compromise of 1 and 1. I'm not sure this is the way to go. By splitting the difference am I making my army less effective then going full on one way or another? I'm not sure yet, but since I got that beasty above done, I'll be getting some tests in shortly.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

1850 Lamenters for Area 51 RTT

So the same weekend Goatboy and Darkwynn (and Brent, didn't forget about you) are going to Da Boyz GT there is an RTT in Grapevine, Tx. A bunch of us Austin folks are heading up there, probably about 20 of 50 available spots will be our crew, so that should be cool. This army is a variation of what I have been playing lately. The combination of the Chapter Banner, Sanguinor, and Reclusiarch on the Sanguinary Guard makes them pretty bad ass. I have some decent scoring elements plus lots of support coming from my Fast and Heavy slots. It has played pretty well so far, getting plenty of practice is key though...

HQ: The Sanguinor (1#, 275 pts)

HQ: Reclusiarch (1#, 155 pts)
Jump Pack

Elite: Chaplain (1#, 100 pts)

Elite: Sanguinary Guard (5#, 250 pts)
Power Fist, Infernus Pistol, Chapter Banner

Elite: Sanguinary Priest (2#, 135 pts)
1 w/ Jump Pack
1 w/ Combi-Meltagun

Troops: Assault Squad (8#, 194 pts)
Sergeant w/ Storm Shield
1 Rhino

Troops: Assault Squad (10#, 250 pts)
Sergeant w/ Power Fist x1
1 Rhino

Fast Attack: Baal Predator (1#, 115 pts)
Flamestorm Cannon

Fast Attack: Baal Predator (1#, 115 pts)
Flamestorm Cannon

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad (5#, 130 pts)
Missile Launcher x4

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad (5#, 130 pts)
Missile Launcher x4


Monday, October 18, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alaitoc Autarch for Bigred

edit: better?

Doing a little trade work. Harlequins up next...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Mordheim

Also got this guy for my Vampire.

Anyone have any ideas for cool looking models for Dregs?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Chupacabras

Hivefleet Chupacabra began attacking from above the galactic plane in an area focused mainly on the Segmentum Pacificus very late in the 40th millenia. Many worlds on the far fringes were consumed by the Chupas. But it seems their advance is inexorably advancing towards Terra. The Hivefleet has a very unusual mutation of Genestealer, which are the namesake of the Hivefleet.

also pimping my friends new blog DaKingSays... check it out...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sepulchre Guard Xeras

The Brothers of this squad were commissioned into service by Chaplain Xeras in 920.M41 as his personal bodyguard for the duration of the Chapters one hundred year pentinent crusade. The commission was very specific, each member of the squad was the last survivor of their previous unit. They painted the wings of their jump packs black at the order of the Chaplain. They do not bear the typical silver armour of the Sepulchre Guard and instead wear five golden honor suits passed on to the Lamenters from the Blood Angels in M.38. Each day Xeras leads the squad in reflection over loss and anger, as to avoid the pitfalls of the Rage. In battle these avenging angels fight like men without regrets. Through their loss they have achieved greatness and are thus some of the most respected members of the Chapter.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


No, not starting Vampire Counts for Fantasy. I am, however, making a new warband for one of my favorite games ever, Mordhiem. So this was the test guy and I am really happy with some of the interesting tones I was able to create with layering on the skin....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reclusiarch Xeras

920.M41 Reclusiarch Xeras commissions the creation of his personal Sepulchery Guard near the outset of the Lamenters Crusade.

While accompanied by this group of hand-picked warriors Xeras has sought out the thickest of fighting in the Crusade and done nothing but succeed.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Devastator Squads Malaga and Vigo

Squads Malaga and Vigo were both originally part of the 9th Company, but after Optera they were both assimilated as part of Euricos Strike Force Iltempus. Sergeants Malaga and Vigo were initiates together and often engaged in marksmanship contests when they were a little younger and more fiery. Their real honor came during the Fall of Malvolion, when suppressing fire from the squads combined to kill five of the monstrous Tyranids.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Battles of the Lamenters

  • .M37 Chapter departs towards Imperial Borders to avoid corruption and the stigma of the 21st Founding.
  • 543.M37 The Liberation of Aphennia.
  • 901.M38 Chapter suffers its first ever instance of the "Red Thirst". Sepulchre Guard is formed by the Chapter leadership to watch for signs of failure in the genome. However no more instances are recorded.
  • .M39 Chapter recalled by Highlords with other Chapters to stem flow of incursions from the Eye of Terror.
  • 478.M39 Captain Jordanes of the Lamenters settles a century old feud with Wolf Lord Snorri Bloodmane.
  • 603.M39 Quintus Viridian, Captain of the 7th, is gravely injured battling the Eldar on the Maiden World of Karamet. Viridian is interned in a Furioso Dreadnought.
  • 587.M41 Chapter assigned to the Maelstrom Zone.
  • 701.M41 Lamenters forces manage to inflict heavy casualties on Orks during the Corinthian Crusade, subsequently putting Waaagh-Argluk back thirty years.
  • 843.M41 Janus Eurico is inducted into the Lamenters. He goes on to be a mighty hero of the Lamenters.
  • 857.M41 Lamenters destroy cultists on the shrine world of Apuis III.
  • 891.M41 Master Forsythe of the 1st Company recovers his ancient suit of Terminator armour, Patagonian, from deep within the Maelstrom.
  • 903.M41 Forces under Chaplain Athaloc are the first to draw Loyalist blood.
  • 904.M41 Sagan Battles against Loyalist Marine forces.
  • 905.M41 Epistolary Menoloth disappears in the Maelstrom. He is presumed lost in the warp.
  • 906.M41 Master Roderigo of the Lamenters slays an Emissary from the Red Scorpions Chapter who attempted parlay.
  • 908.M41 Lamenters forces are attacked by the Minotaurs and surrender after tough and bloody ship-to-ship fighting. Chapter Master Malakim Phoros goes missing in the battle, and is presumed dead. The Lamenters are eventually cleared, but tasked with a one hundred year Pentinent Crusade.
  • 908.M41 Forsythe, the Disgraced One, escapes into the Maelstrom with Lamenters forces still loyal to Lugft Huron.
  • 914.M41 Pentinent Crusade Announced. Lamenters are sent on a 100 years crusade to prove their devoution to the Emperor.
  • 920.M41 Reclusiarch Xeras commissions the creation of his personal Sepulchre Guard near the outset of the Lamenters Crusade.
  • 927.M41 The Fortuna Massacre.
  • 933.M41 Forces under Master Eurico, Captain of the 1st Company (and acting Chapter Master), clash with Biel-tan Aspect Warriors led by Autarch Skyshrieve on the maiden world Duledain. The Lamenters plunge through the Segmentum Tempestus.
  • 937.M41 Long thought dead, Malakim Phoros is reunited with Lamenters forces after nearly thirty years navigating through the Maelstrom. It is quickly decided that he should retake the mantle of Chapter Master, though no one in the Calix Priesthood was able to determine how he hadn't yet fallen to the Black Rage.
  • 940.M41 Malakim Phoros commissions the Captain of the 10th Company to re-initiate recruitment, despite the edicts of the High Lords of Terra.
  • 945.M41 Strike Force Iltempus reaches the world of Terfirma.
  • 994.M41 The Fall of Malvolion leaves the Lamenters Chapter reeling from the strength of the Tyranids. Almost three hundred Battle Brothers are consumed. Chapter Master Malakim Phoros is killed.
  • 995.M41 The Lamenters significantly help refugee efforts on the planet Devlan, as it is about to be destroyed by Hive Fleet Kraken.
  • 995.M41- present The Sanguinor appears many times alongside beleaguered Lamenters forces, taking the aspect of The Lamenter.
  • 997.M41 Epistolary Menoloth, now known as the Lost One, returns from the Maelstrom with the daemon blade Walach. After extensive testing it is determined Menoloth remains pure of heart, so he takes command of the newly formed Strike Force Ostro.
  • 998.M41 The Aratusian Exception.
  • 998.M41 Strike Force Ostro encounters Dark Eldar Kabals on the Eastern Fringe as the Lamenters begin to Crusade out past the light of the Astronomicon.
  • Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Epistolary Menoloth, the Lost One

    While searching for an image he saw in a vision, Chief Librarian Menoloth disappears into the Maelstrom with a small bodyguard. They are presumed lost in the warp, it is a grievous blow to the Chapter.

    997.M41 Epistolary Menoloth, now known as the Lost One, returns from the Maelstrom with the daemon blade Walach. None of his bodyguard remain. After extensive testing it is determined Menoloth remains pure of heart, so he takes command of the newly formed Strike Force Ostro, composed mostly of Brothers whose recruitment was censured by the High Lords.

    Strike Force Ostro encounters Dark Eldar Covens on the Eastern Fringe as the Lamenters begin to Crusade out past the light of the Astronomicon.

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    'Counts-as' Mephiston WIP

    So this is the model I will be using as Mephiston with my Lamenters army. The idea behind him is that he is a Badab War-era Librarian who began using a demon weapon discovered in the Maelstrom. It made him incredibly powerful and utterly insane....etc.

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Simple Free-Hand Step-by-Step

    So at WargamesCon I saw Duke's Blood Angels and they have some absolutely bad ass free hand work. I've done some before, but I have always been pretty conservative. So he inspired to push a little more at it.

    I picked a nice symbol from the Blood Angel Codex (I think Moriars banner) and added a little Lamenters flavor in the form of the bleeding heart. My first step was to draw the design in pencil. Obviously I filled in the blank space with checkers.

    Next I block in the pencil lines with Chaos Black and start to add a little colour to the picture with the red.

    Once the black is all filled in I used Bleached Bone to make a base colour for the chalice.

    Here I added some Dheneb Stone to the chalice as a highlight and used Blood Red to bring out the heart and blood drop.

    In my final stage I used Bubonic Brown as a shade and cleaned up all the checkers with Skull white.

    All in all, extremely simple, done in under an hour, and looks great on the battlefield, especially when you have a lot of it...