Friday, April 17, 2009

More, and more, Lamenters...

My Captain got a little wargear switch...

My 'Capture and Control' Objective

My Thunderfire Cannon with Techmarine Gunner

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Battleforge Hobby Tournament 4/11

So another month and another tournament at Battleforge Games. This month was the hobby tournament meaning theme and painting were scored more heavily and friendlier lists were suggested. With this in mind I pulled Khor'aeka's Bloody Host off the shelf. It has a strong theme, decent painting, and wasn't overpowered, so I thought it was the right choice. Let's go through it.

Game 1 v. Jwolfs Red Corsairs
At first I thought I was screwed when I heard I was paired up with Jwolf, but then I realized he was not sporting his trusty IG, but instead his Red Corsair army led by Huron Blackheart. It had a strong core of Berserkers, a Lash Sorcerer, Possessed, Terminators, a Defiler, and a couple Oblits. I started off the game by breaking one of my main rules and breaking up my force sending the Crushers and a Bloodthirster to one flank, while the Soulgrinder and a Bloodletter unit went on the other. This was mainly done so that my weaker units were not caught by his Defiler. The Defiler was eventually destroyed by the Bloodthirster, while the rest of my troops rolled through his lines. Full points 22/22.

Game 2 v. Goatboys Fabius Bile CSMs
I was matched with Thomas for the second round, so I was looking forward to a fun game. He took a mounted list based around Fabius Bile accompanied by two Dreadnoughts and two Defilers. My army is somewhat weak against large numbers of walkers, as only the Thirsters and Grinder have high enough S. This meant if they got into combat with my little guys, I'd have to have the big boys to clean up the mess. This worked to some degree, as I did manage to kill both Defilers and one of the dreads, but this meant the majority of his infantry survived. It was a pretty close game, so we decided to call it, good for me because I think he probably could have tabled me. 10/22.
Game 3 v. Josiahs Fallen Angels
For the second Battleforge tournament in a row I was paired against Joisah in the final round, high in the standings. This time he hadn't brought his Fallen Angels as Space Marines, but instead as Chaos. If you hadn't been counting, yes, this is my third game against Chaos Marines (ugh). We were playing Capture and Control as the primary objective. He set up one small troop squad near his objective on one flank, with a Predator and some Havocs supporting. Another squad of Havocs, plus all the rest of his Troops (mounted in Rhinos) set up on the other flank, across from my cornered objective. I attacked his objective agressively, destroying everything save one Rhino. I managed to destroy all his mobile troops from my objective, save one Champion. That champion claimed my objective while his Rhino contested hid own. I got the other two objectives. 8/20.

This score plus my high theme and paint scored meant I got 3rd, edging Josiah by one point, and Jwolf by two.