Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lamenters Tactical Squad Visiroth

Veteran Sergeant Visiroth was promoted from squad leader after the previous Sergeant, Athelas, was killed on the surface of Optera. A strict adherant to the Codex Astartes, Visiroth often goes to battle sans helmet as to, "...feel the air of the battle."
Squad Visiroth is often equipped with tank-hunting weapons, which they have found great success with.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Lamenters...

Captain Janus Roderic of Strike Force Iltempus

Janus Roderic was inducted into the fleet-based Lamenters chapter from their recruiting center on the planet New Iberia, located deep on the Eastern Fringe. He flew through the ranks of his chapter. Roderic was a Scout during the Lamenters participation in the Corinthian Crusade, fighting alongside the Ultramarines against the Orks of Charadon, by the time the chapter fought alongside the Astral Claws in the Serpentine Straights Wars Roderic had risen to the rank of Sergent, and by the time of the Badab War he was a member of the Command Squad of 3rd company Captain Orosius.
During the brutal boarding actions against the Minotaurs chapter Roderic slew no less than half a dozen Brother Marines with wide swings of his power fist. The Minotaurs were even fiercer opponents though. Despite Roderic doing everything he could to prevent it, Captain Orosius was eventually put down, killed by a Chaplain of the Minotaurs. In the aftermath of the Lamenters defeat Roderic was almost unanimously chosen to take Orosius' place at the head of the Company. So, at the head of the 3rd, Captain Janus Roderic headed into an unknown shadow to the East.
Another cruel twist of fate, the Lamenters could not have guessed what horrors their crusade would show them. They fought bravely against the jaws of Hive Fleet Kraken, but their chapter was doomed the moment it was created. On Malvolion Roderic fought bravely and thought quickly, and it's because of his actions that their remain any Lamenters alive in the galaxy. The timely escape of Roderic and nearly 300 of his brothers remains one of the few bright spots in the chapter's dark history.
After Malvolion the remaining marines split into five Strike Forces; Iltempus, Calima, Ostro, Vendavel, and Helios. Captain Roderic took command of Strike Force Iltempus, a force of hardened veterans, and does what he can to battle against the Kraken.