Monday, February 28, 2011

Calix Avantes

I recently made a list that called for a Priest with a combi-flamer, and I happened to have a headless Tycho sitting around. I replaced the melta barrel with the front of a hand flamer and gave him a Sanguinary Guard Death Mask.


Calix Avantes is a seasoned battlefield veteran, having served during the Corinthian Crusade, the Badab War, and over seventeen engagements thus far during the Lamenters crusade. Though those of Sanguinius' are notoriously long-lived, members such as Avantes are still impressive, having battled in the name of the Emperor for over eight hundred years. He wears the full silver armour of the traditional Sepulchre Guard, as do many Calix' of high rank. His combi-flamer, 'Ember' was hand-crafted by Techmarine Ignacio during the Badab War. After the blow of the Battle of Optera, it was Avantes who became the emotional leader of the remaining prisoners of war.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

3rd Co. Command Squad, ' Scions of Aphennia'

The Command squad of the 3rd Co. has been known as the 'Scions of Aphennia' since M.37. The original Brothers of the squad were instrumental in liberating the Cardinal world of Aphennia from the rule of an insidious cult of the Alpha Legion. In reward the weapons and banner of the unit were blessed by an Abbess of the Sisterhood.
The current make-up of the unit includes Brother Juvellus, Bearer of the Standard, Calix Initiate Tunis, Knight Champion Reccared, Brother Fotis, the Strong, and Shield Bearer Jordanes. Unusually, though they are the 3rd Co. Command squad, they are most often accompanied by Captain Eurico, of the 1st Co.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lamenters Stormraven 'Heaven Fall'

The Stormraven designated 'Heaven Fall' was, like many other Stormravens, assigned to the Pale Stars at the time of the Battle for Optera. Malakim Phoros, in his wisdom, had wished to preserve his Chapters mobility in perilous circumstances, thus saving many of these fine vehicles. Astute viewers may notice that the vehicle has extensive modifications (not uncommon in the Chapter), most notably eschewing the standard top turret in favor of sponson weapons. Brother Darius, pilot of 'Heaven Fall', has recorded over two thousand orbital re-entries, and is considered one of the best in the Chapter.

Friday, February 11, 2011

From the Tables... The Fortuna Massacre

In 927.M41 Lamenters crusade forces received a distress signal from the Agri-world Fortuna. Captain Eurico of the 1st Company led his personal Strike Force, and was accompanied by the newly commissioned Sepulchre Guard Xeras. When they arrived they found a planet with a missing populace. As they explored through ruined hab-locs they realized they had stumbled into a trap. A half dozen lithe, bloody white vessels broke from the smoke and battle was joined. The orbiting Strike Cruiser 'Teros' sent reinforcements to the battle via teleporter and Drop Pod, but they did not arrive in time to save the landing force with only Eurico and the Sepulchre Guard surviving. With Eurico mortally injured, his soul leeching from his body, Ancient Viridian took command of the rear guard while the surviving Marines escaped Fortuna.

Sepulchre Guard Xeras spear-headed the assault...

Assault Squad Rigio was subdued by the toxins of the Wyches of the Scalpel Cult..

Captain Eurico and Librarian Jordanes attempt to secure an advantageous position,
but are both fed to the Archons Soul Trap. Eurico, his life escaping from him,
was spirited away by his Brothers.

The Lamenters are unable to wipe out the Xenos filth, many
brothers fall, and they taste defeat as they escape the planet.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Land Raider Redeemer 'Sorrow'

The Land Raider dubbed 'Sorrow' is one of the very few of such vehicles to have survived the fall of the Mater Lachrymarum. Dropped on the surface of Optera by Thunderhawk, the Machine Spirit of 'Sorrow' began independent offensive actions against the Minotaurs Chapter once there. It is a strange fact that 'Sorrow' was never captured by Loyalists during the whole of the Badab War, and only reappeared from hiding on Optera after the war was already over.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tactical Squad Alghiri

Veteran Sergeant Alghiri was originally inducted from one of the royal families of Durin Secundus in 849.M41. Despite becoming a Space Marine, Alghiri always retained his regal tone and manner. Squad Alghiri is one of the reserve units of Strike Force Iltempus; perhaps this is because Alghiri's demeanor can often be taken as condescending, and this does not sit well with superiors. But if he truly is arrogant, it is well-deserved, his unit is the most decorated reserve squad in all the Strike Forces. Sergeant Alghiri himself was awarded a Bronze Eagle for his bravery during the Battle of Optera.

Scout Squad Alredo

Scout Squad Alredo on the surface of Devlan

Veteran Brother Alredo leads a group of recruits who began training after the decree of 940.M41. When Strike Force Iltempus reached the outlying Feudal world of Terfirma in 945.M41, it was decided that they would hold a tournament of skill and take on new recruits. The four Initiates lead by Alredo were the top finishers at that tournament. While Squad Alredo did not make landfall on Malvolion, they made up for this with their brave actions on Devlan.