Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hydra Guard: Phoenix Alpha

 I finished my full 'Rewards of Treason' unit, some Phoenix Guard terminators, who I have been calling the Hydra Guard or Phoenix Alphas. I really like how the gold and turquoise interact visually and it was fun doing the individual shields, which covered the most prominent Emperor's Children iconography.

 I also did this second Tactical Sergeant, which I am pretty pleased with....

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ork Starter Army/ Ally Detachment on eBay: Da Snake Moon Boyz

I put my little collection of Ork units up on eBay. There are some nice ones in there; my Snakebite Boarboy Bikers and my bitz-bashed Meganobz among my favorites. You can see everything in the detachment in the post here. I used them as Allies, but they would make a great starter army too. I am of course willing to share the painting recipes so that the army could be expanded or would do more units on commission if needed.

Anyway, here is the auction:
Da Snake Moon Boyz on eBay

Friday, July 4, 2014

Alpha Legion Terminator Sergeant Zeta Prime

Small Word Bearers Project

This was just a small project, some wacky converted characters (a Dark Apostle and Sorcerer) and the Champions from his Cultits units. This army will be pretty neat, classic Word Bearers with max Cultists in the Troop slots!
Went for the charcoal grey Word Bearers as it is just a bit more interesting than either full black or red...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Cryptek Conversion (using WFB Banshee)

 So we have all seen the ole' Cryptek converted from a Cairn Wraith at this point. I mean, almost everyone has done one. All my Crypteks are converted from plastic Fantasy Undead characters. Previously I had the old Cairn Wraith standby and two more made from plastic Corpse Cart drivers. For this last one it came down to either the plastic Banshee or the plastic Necromancer. It basically came down me wanting an additional floating Cryptek, as both the Corpse Cart drivers were planted firmly on the ground. Overall this is the little more difficult than the Wraith conversion, which is just a weapon and head swap. I basically just sliced the Banshee in half and then built an upper body with extra bits from the Barge sprue, making sure to pose the upper body quite wistfully.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The List, pt II "This Time It's Personal."

So back in November I published 'The List' for the first time, a running log of all the models I paint, both for commission and personal use. The last one ran from around May-November, meaning this one is a little late, but about a year total for the two lists combined So here is Nov.-Jun.:

Dghengo (1) - Done
Chaos Space Marines (10) - Done
Terminators (5) - Done
Zufor (1) - Done
Noise Marines (7) - Done
Immortals (10) - Done
Scythes (2) - Done
Beetle (1) - Done
Master Forgefiend (1)- Done
Tech Levy (16) - Done
Ashen Circle (5) - Done
Meganobz (5) - Done
Jetbike Master (1) - Done
Battlewagon - Done
Kor/Erebus (2) - Done
Noise Marines (10) - Done
Killbotz Display Board (1) - Done
Magos (1) - Done
AM Adsecularis (10) - Done
Icarian Thallax (3) - Done
Scarabs (9) -Done
Azog (foot & mounted) (2) -Done
Yazneg (On Foot and Mounted) (2) -Done
Thranduil, King of Mirkwood (1) - Done
Gwaihir (1) - Done
Elrond (mounted and on foot) (2) -
Thror (1) - Done
Legolas Greenleaf (1) - Done
Tauriel (1) - Done
Mirkwood Rangers (10) - Done
Knights of Rivendell (6) - Done
Mechanicum Knight (1) - Done
Mirkwood Captains (2) - Done
Cyber Mastiff (1) - Done
Drow Ranger (1) - Done
Drow Party (5) - Done
Rampagers (5) - Done
SM Bikes (5) - Done
Relic Hunters (7) - Done
Rampagers (11) - Done
Contemptors (2) -Done
Tacticals (10) -Done
Praetors/Consuls (4) -Done
Red Butchers (10) -Done
Hive Tyrants (2) -Done
FW Avatar (1) - Done
Crones (3) - Done
Jetbike Warlocks (8)-Done
Farseer (1)- Done
Baharoth (1) - Done
Tacticals (10)- Done
Rhinos (2)- Done
Grave Wardens (5) - Done
Typhon (1) - Done
Vigilator (1) -Done
Contemptor (1) -Done
Tacticals (10) - Done
Achilles (1) - Done
Hive Tyrant (1) - Done
Harpies (2) - Done
Spartan (1)- Done
Megaboss (1) - Done
Display Board- Done
Bike Details (15) - Done
Kharn/Moritat (2)- Done
Dynat (1) - Done
Destroyers (5) - Done
Warp Spiders (8) - Done
Cron Objectives (6) - Done
Assault Squad (5)- Done
GK Terminators (5)- Done
Missle Launcher Marines (2)- Done
Predator Angrinator (1) -Done
Phoenix Terminator (3) -Done
Cron Warriors (5) - Done
GK Terminators (5)- Done
Saboteur (1) - Done
Spawn (5) -Done
Tyranofexi (2) - Done
Mawloc (1) - Done
AM Adsecularis (10) - Done
Night Scythe (1)- Done
Overlord (1) - Done
Barge (1) - Done

~295 Infantry
~30 Vehicles/Monstrous Creatures

So that is about 600 Infantry and 50 big things in the year, not bad...