Thursday, April 26, 2012

C'Tan Shard of the Manchurian

By far the cleanest model in the whole army, I did a little head swap on the Deceiver to make my C'tan, which I've named the Manchurian. The gold, green, and swampy base tie it into the rest of the army.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Other Worlds Games Tournament 4/21

This past weekend there was a nice little 1500 point tournament down at Other Worlds Games. At 1500 I think my Tyranids become almost viable, so I brought them in. The missions were "Nova" style with 5 evenly spaced objectives, table quarters, and Victory Points as the criteria for each round. This is the list I used:

Tervigon w/ Catalyst
Doom in a Spore Pod
2*(Tervigon w/ Catalyst, Toxin Sacs)

So no shooting to speak of, as per how I usually use Tyranids. There were only eight people, so one 3-0 person was guaranteed, which is cool.

Game I v. Steve's Space Wolves
Primary: Victory Points
Secondary: Objectives
Tertiary: Table Quarters

Game one I played against one of the two armies my army would really struggle with, Steve's mechanized Wolves. In 1500 he managed to pack in a Thunder Lord with a buddy, a Rune Priest, a unit of Wolf Scouts, 3 Grey Hunter units with Las-Plas Razorbacks, and fifteen Long Fang missles with two more Razorbacks! I played it tough for a solid four turns (forgot to take pics even), had disables all his Razorbacks, tied up his Thunderwolves with spawned Gants, and had units in his lines. Then on turn 5 his Thunderwolves got loose and his missles got hot, and I lost all three Tervigons in one round. Got tabled+extra Victory Points for spawning. Steve's army looks a lot better now that I painted it. :P

Game II v. Andy's Blood Angels
Primary: Table Quarters
Secondary: Objectives
Tertiary: Victory Points

In game two, with table quarters as the primary, I played against Andy's Descent of Angels list. He had a jump Librarian, two Priests, Sanguinary Guard, 3 Assault Squads, and two Devastator squads. It was Dawn of War deployment, and I went strong on one quarter, around the big piece of area terrain seen above. I started to fill the quarter with spawned Termagants. Andy went all reserve with his jump infantry and walked on his Devastators.

I brought in one Tervigon into the other quarter on my board edge and lots of Blood Angels dropped in on them. The Blood Angels cleared the objective but lost most of their force here in the process.

The real force for the Tyranids in this game was the Doom. He kept the Blood Angels boxed up on their board edge for most of the game and claimed 10+ Space Marines.

I ended up winning three objectives and three quarters with 1000+ Victory Points.

Game III v. Chris' Noise Marines
(the most visually painful battle ever)
Primary: Objectives
Secondary: Victory Points
Tertiary: Table Quarters

The last game I played against Chris O. in what must have been the most clashing colour scheme game of all time. He had a Slaaneshi Bike Sorcerer, ten Chaos Space Marines in Rhino, ten Noise Marines in Rhino, five Raptors, three Obliterators, a Defiler, and a Vindicator. We had Spearhead deployment. He did some random shooting wounds to me before my monsters hit his lines at the same time my Ygmarls showed up. The Ygmarls and the Trygons made a mess of quite a few units.

With spawned Gants it was going to hard for him to beat me on objectives, especially with only two Troops of his own. I made them a priority.

His Obliterators ended up being complete aces in the game, killing no less than three monstrous creatures.

Overall I finished middle of the pack. Fun tournament!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Annihilation Barge + CCB WIP

I took off the drivers because a big robot gun doesn't need drivers. Did a little bit of patina on the brass parts, I like it alright.

And this is my Catacomb Command Barge in progress, I like where it is going...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Space Sharks Librarian

On a big base because he is technically a Terminator...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Space Shark Contemptor

The client for the Space Sharks army is shuffling his list around a bit so needed this fine piece done up to match. Pretty happy with how he came together, especially the gold detailing. Coming up next on this project is a Librarian and two more camo Vets...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Court of Ib

Harbinger of Transmogrification

Harbinger of Transmogrification

Harbinger of Destruction

Monday, April 2, 2012

Earthen Immortals

So this is my first full squad with the buried look, really like how they look as a unit.

This guy has a whole plant growing on his shoulder!

A little more fun than clean Necrons....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lucius the Eternal Commission

A very fun model to paint, but also hurts my eyes...