Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From the Tables...The Purging of Kasr Sund

So this week I played a 2000 point , Spearhead, three objective Seize Ground mission against Imperial Guard. I used a balanced mechanized list. The opposition was classic MechVets. We ended up with an objective in each or our deployment zones, with the third roughly in the middle. It would be a tough time to get to the objective in the middle of his parking lot, so my objective had to be hold my own and absolutely smash the middle.
* * * * * *

In 731.M39 the planetary governor of the fortress world of Kasr Sund designated himself Chief Magnate of Sund and immediately ceased all payment of Imperial tithes. The High Lords of Terra censured the rebel planet and dispatched the Lamenters to break the command structure of the planet. A Strike Force under the auspices of the Chapters Chief Librarian landed in the heart of the capitol under suppressing firepower from the Battle Barge 'Heart of Fury'. A swift and bloody battle followed, which saw Kasr Sund justly returned to Imperial rule.

My deployment as the Vendettas Scout forward. That solid tower in
my deployment zone is impassable. This becomes relevant.

His first turn fire was decent, wrecking one 'Baal', immobilizing a Rhino, and stunning the other 'Baal'. You can see above how I was forced to swing out to the left around the stunned tank and the impassible tower. My immobilized Rhino blocked the other way.

The squad from the immobile Rhino disembark and charge into a Veteran squad.

Here you can see that Mephiston hitching a ride in the Devastators Razorback. My Devastators knocked down both Vendettas.

The frag cannon Furioso isn't great against an entirely mechanized foe, but you can see above I got hit on the side armour of two Chimeras and did some damage. The Furiosos real strength in this mission was forcing my opponent to pull units from the center back towards his lines to deal with him.

Mephiston hopped out and ate a Veteran squad in the upper left, while the Assault squad takes one out in the lower right. I blow the cannon off the Demolisher.

Here you can see the havoc the Furioso caused. Both of those disembarked units moved back a full twelve inches to get to him. Both the Furioso and the Drop Pod went on to explode with magnificent explosions, killing over half of the Veteran squad and breaking them.

They knock off the cannon, but it takes the Librarian
charging in with his Sanguine Sword to wreck it.

Mephiston bounds off and wrecks the Company Command Chimera.
My Assault squads start cleaning up the middle.

What remained of this unit after a round of rapid-fire plasma wrecked another Chimera.

Through cover and fortunate positioning, Mephisotn gets gets all the way into the IG deployment zone with three wounds remaining.

These five Cadians were the last Imperial Guardsmen near the middle,
and they didn't last long. Lamenter Objective.

Mephiston tears into the backfield, causing major disruptions. Uncontested Objective.

If you take care of business, you get to go home early. Lamenter Objective.

Here are the army lists we used:

Company Command Squad w/ 3*Meltaguns, Officer of the Fleet, Chimera
6*Sanctioned Psykers, Chimera
2*(Veterans w/ 3*Melta)
Veterans w/ 3*Melta, Chimera)
3*(Veterans w/ 3*Plasmaguns, Chimera)

Librarian w/ Sword, Shield
Furioso w/ Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Searchlight, Drop Pod
8*Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Power Fist, Rhino
2*(10*Assault Marines w/ 2*Meltaguns, Power Fist, Rhino)
2*('Baal' Predator w/ Assault Cannon)
2*Land Speeder Typhoon w/ Heavy Flamer
5*Devastators w/ 4*Missle Launchers
5*Devastators w/ 4*Missle Launchers, Razorback

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ancient Varren Zhul, the Bloodstalker

I made this guy for my counts as Wolf Priest. I used the Chaos Khorne Exalted Hero, who also provided a lot of extra cool pieces to put on other troops (like his awesome Khorne stormshield). I gave him a Chaos bolt pistol and CCW arm, though I switched out the chainsword for a mace from the Chaos Knight kit. I fitted a backpack to him, but I had to cut down the bottom part of it to fit.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Khornate Marines...

So this is what I have been working on with my World Eaters. This guy is a Terminator-armoured squad leader. I'm pretty happy with the tiny World Eater symbol I did on his knee.

These guys are my Flesh-Servitors (counts-as Wolf Scouts)

And here are a couple shots of the whole army so far with some good lighting...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the Tables... The Brindisi Betrayal

So this week I played a 2,000 point, Pitched Battle, Capture and Control mission against Dark Angels. I used a new double Stormraven list I liked quite a bit. This would be a tough objective mission, because the additions of Belial and Sammael, almost his entire army was Troops. My opponent got first turn and I put both Stormravens in reserve. Our objectives were both set up about in the middle of our deployment zones.

In 998.M41 the Lamenters of Strike Force Ostro encountered a Dark Angels expeditionary force on the edge of Imperial space. Not expecting to see Brothers so far abroad, the forces met on the war torn planet Brindisi. It soon became apparent that not only had the Dark Angels been seeking the Lamenters, but that they were being led by Belial, Master of the Deathwing. Belial demanded audience with the leader of the Strike Force, Chief Librarian Menoloth. Apparently Belial wished to question Menoloth about the time he spent on his pilgrimage to the Maelstrom, and about any individuals he may have met there. Menoloth, filled with rage and recklessness,took this as a threat. Menoloth refused Belial and claimed that he would sooner die than parlay with the Dark Angels. Following a bloody skirmish, the few remaining Dark Angels barely escaped the planet.

The Deathwing prepare to charge in and wreck a Rhino.

Menoloth (Mephiston) is broken from combat. My opponent could have just stayed within 6" of him and escorted him off the board, but he charged in with Sammael, who was obviously butchered.

One of my Stormravens comes in from reserve and up to midfield. It is filled with Death Company featuring Lemartes and a Blood Talon Dreadnought.

The Stormraven gets destroyed (see very top photo),
but its contents get to the Dark Angels objective.

My brave Razorback Assault squads claim my objective.

Lemartes uses his pumped up stats to clear off the Dark Angel objective.

Here are our army lists:

10*Tactical Marines w/ Meltagun, Lascannon
10*Tactical Marines w/ Meltagun, Lascannon
10*Tactical Marines w/ Flamer, Missle Launcher, Power Fist, Rhino
5*Deathwing Terminators w/ Heavy Flamer, Apothecary, Banner, Chainfist
6*Ravenwing Bikes w/ 2*Plasmaguns
Attack Bike w/ Multimelta
Land Speeder
5*Devastators w/ 2*Heavy Bolters, Plasma Cannon, Missle Launcher

Furioso w/ Blood Talons
Furioso w/ Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer
Priest w/ Meltabombs
5*Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Razorback w/ Heavy Bolter
5*Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Razorback w/ Assault Cannon
5*Death Company w/ Thunder Hammer, Lemartes
10*Assault Marines w/ 2*Meltaguns, Power Fist, Rhino
Land Speeder Typhoon w/ Heavy Flamer
Land Speeder Typhoon w/ Heavy Flamer
Stormraven w/ Extra Armour
Stormraven w/ Extra Armour

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From the Tables... The Raid on Ytrexia

So I played a 2000 point, 3 objective Seize Ground, Dawn of War mission against a mechanized Dark Eldar army. I took a bunch of pics, so I'll caption those, then post the lists, after which I'll go into some of my mistakes in the game and how it was a bit closer match than one would think.

The horde rushes onto the table.

Both the Tervigons get splattered Turn 1 (I probably
should have Outflanked one with Hive Commander and not set up the other so far forward).

Five Termagants wreck a Trueborn Venom.

Ygmarls come in Turn 2 and multi-charge a pair of Venoms,
wrecking one, sending the Trueborn running.

Duke Sliscus thinks about taking on a Trygon one on
one, but dark light weaponry finished the big beast first.

A Haemoculus puts his Liquifier to
good use on my scoring units.

The Tyrant squad held the center, but I definitely didn't get value from them.

The Ygamrls are much more capable against Wyches than
normal Genestealers, but the Doom did most of the heavy lifting.

Termagants on the other hand...

Dark Eldar win by one objective.

The battle around the center, my opponent was able to kill off the last of my scoring units on Turn 6, when the game ended.

Here are our two lists:

Duke Sliscus
(Haemoculous w/ Liquifier) *3
(4*Trueborn w/ 4*Blasters in: Venom w/ 2*Splinter Cannons)*3
(9*Wyches w/ Power Weapon, Haywire Grenades in: Raider w/ Flicker Field, Grisly Trophies, Shock Prow, Torment Launchers)*3
9*Warriors in: Raider w/ Flicker Field, Grisly Trophies, Splinter Racks
(Ravager w/ 3*Dark Lances, Flicker Field)*3

Hive Tyrant w/ Scythes, Hive Commander
2*Tyrant Guard w/ Whips
Prime w/ Sword, Whip, Adrenal Glands
(8*Ygmarl Genestealers)*2
Doom of Malantai in Pod
(Tervigon w/ Catalyst, Toxin Sacs)*2
(Trygon) *3

As you can see from a quick analysis of the lists, I'm was in for a very uphill battle from the beginning. Not only is his army completely mounted, but my lists eschews even the modicum of anti-tank a Tyranid list usually has. I would say off the bat that winning this match-up would require a bit of luck and near perfect generalship, but I didn't execute. I should have done different placement with my Tervigons (one outflanking w/ Hive Commander and the other behind cover of Trygons) and one of the Ygmarl units (should have been near the far objective). Of course I also think that if my opponent had been more aggressive with some of his Troop elements he could have wiped me by turn 4, so who knows.

World Eater Objective Marker

A poor tortured psyker...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jonos Craegan, the Skullsworn, Honorblade

The Skullsworn,
Seventh Headsman of the Skull Takers,

Jonos Craegan is another one of the Lesser Champions that pays fealty to the banner of Hans Kho'ren. Before Skalathrax Craegan was Captain of the 9th Company, but his forces were crushed there, and he was forced to join Kho'ren or die. In fealty Craegan proclaimed himself as Skullsworn, his skull promised to one day meet his masters blade. It has been proven that he made the right decision for both parties, time and again on the battlefield.
Craegan bears the sword of a mighty Space Marine hero, perfectly balanced with a formidable reach. He favors the blade, but his companions have taken to calling him by the mocking honorific 'Honorblade' with derision.