Tuesday, December 31, 2013

WIP: Icarian Thallax Cohort and Magos Dominus

 Next up on the Mechanicum front, some beefed up Thallax...

 I have them extra recoil absorbing back legs, so they could theoretically stabilize.

They are also all magnetized to go on either 40mm, 50mm, or 60mm (shown) bases, depending on how I want to use them...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mechanicum Menials

So I ordered some Mechanicum Thallax and a Magos Dominus to go with my White Scars. I usually have to play 40K rules, as opposed to the Heresy list, so that means using some 'counts-as' magic to field my lovely cyborgs. So that meant. no matter how I used them, I'd need to make a unit of Menials to act as an Allied Troop choice (not to mention this gave me a project to work on until my other, more exciting, units arrived). Enter Dark Vengenace Chaos Cultists.
I used a variety of backpacks and wire to get the look I wanted, as well as a few pairs of Scout Sniper optical arrays.
 For the paint scheme, I shamelessly stole from Dave Taylor (as seen here), thanks Dave! The paint scheme definitely put them over the top for me, as far as 'un-chaos-ifying' them.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Killbotz Army Board

 The final addition to this army for the moment, a nice board to display and transport the army during tournaments. Decided to accent the board with the hazard stripes that are found on all the models.

 The Spyder was on there with the eye intact originally, and it just did not look right. Gave it the broken insides and painted it a darker 'powered-down' blue to make sure the point was clear.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Da Scroggy Bukket Boyz

 These are my bitz box built Meganobz. I have had them tucked away and built since the summer, but no time to paint them between school and commissions. But with my semester over I have some free time, so I am painting up them and their Battlewagon ride. All these models have a plastic Nob at their core, built up with various armour plates (and plasticard) and weapons.

This one is hilarious; he has a Sentinel foot for a foot and a Sentinel leg for an arm. His armour plates include Furioso dread gauntlets, a Necron Warrior back, and a servo arm back pack.

This one is the only one that is not technically WYSIWYG in terms of his power klaw, but I couldn't pass up the double clutch choppa. This one got a Sentinel exhaust housing.

I made this one like a miniature kan by chopping off his neck and putting a piece of the Ork Trukk turret on his shoulders. I then built his armour shell around that piece and gave him a nice optical from an actual Ork dread. He suffered a bit from lack of bits, and ended up with a CSM Heavy Bolter for a twin-linked shoota.

This one is one of my favorites, I think because of his mind-linked shoota turret and SM bike headlight groin armour.

This one is also a favorite. He really looks like the real thing, mostly because of his authentic gun arm.

Unpainted these models were a bit questionable, but with a nice finish they will certainly fit in with my other Ork forces

Deathwatch Kill Team Gamma

 So I added a couple members to my mind shackled Death Watch Kill Team, for when I want to use three of my 'counts-as' Obliterators. You can see the original teams here. For these two, I went for an Iron Snake (because I love their Black Library book) and a Vigilator, who really ended up looking more like a GI Joe Marine... but that's okay. They are packing some serious firepower, including the ever-useful Combi-flamer-melta :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Word Bearers Ashen Circle

 Got a chance to use some of the new bloody technical paint on these guys. Looks pretty nice, though it's no Tamiya Clear Red...