Saturday, April 5, 2008

UPDATE: Methalor Penal Legion

Well I've manged to get alot more of these guys done at this point. I'm about ten infantry, a couple characters, and one tank away from the 2000 point army. If I get it done I may use it at Adepticon, but if not it will be done in plenty of time for the Macharian Crusade. Lets go through them.

Convicts Cooper, James, and Nelson
Charges: Hijacking of Sword Class Frigate 'Solemn'

Convicts King and 'Birdman'
Charges: Possesion of Xenos technology

Convicts Laird, Wills, and Torez
Charges: Treason

Priest Lukas

The Demolisher


Anonymous said...

haha King doesnt have any hair... wait a second!


Anonymous said...

no name for the demolisher?

p.s. word verification is annoying