Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Khor-aeka's Bloody Host v. 2.0

So I changed the proposed list around a bit. This is the newest 2000 pt. configuration...

Skarbrand 300
Bloodthirster w/ Blessing 255

6*Bloodcrushers 240

15*Bloodletters with Fury 250
15*Bloodletters with Icon 265
15*Bloodletters with Icon 265
15*Bloodletters with Icon 265

Heavy Support
Souldgrinder w/ Tongue 160


Harry said...
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Boss Salvage said...


You won't be disappointed either, I love running the big guy @ 1500. Not only does he just jack up the level of mayhem in the game in general, he insures that when your lads do get to assault it freaking counts. Combined with those crushers he should be particularly nice. Top tip, when I run him I tend to drop my 4x 12 bloodletters first (Naked Wave) and then drop Skarry and the demon princes next wave, so the letters get the benefit of the HATE wave (but should the enemy assault the letters after shooting them, they won't get it).

- Salvage