Friday, June 19, 2009

Captain Androcles of the Star Phantoms WIP and Captain Minos of the Minotaurs

These Captains are a couple of the special characters from the upcoming Badab Campaign book. I have done these models for the color section as fun little side projects.

Minos was converted from the Emeror's Champion model. He has a SM bolt pistol, a flagellant head, and the eagle neck crest from the AOBR Captain. His color scheme was very fun but also a challenge.

Androcles is made from the Master of Recruits model with a Ravenwing sprue sword and shoulder pad (the winged skull is the Phantoms chapter badge) and a combi-melta from the plastic SM Captain.


oni said...

Both are very nice, great conversion work. I especially like Androcles.

bG said...

I love minos, he looks brilliant. When you say the head was a flagellant, is that the WFB empire flagellants? How difficult was it to attach to a Space Marine torso?

Andrew said...

Androcles looks great! The other, likewise.