Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Assault Squad Venturos

Composed entirely of Brothers who were initiates at the time of the Badab War, squads such as the one led by Sergeant Venturos have become an unfortunate necessity during the Lamenters Crusade. They, and many other units, bear the minimum compliment of brothers while they wait for Initiates from the 10th to be ready. These undermanned units are used for utility and recon, which this squad does for Strikeforce Iltempus. Venturos himself is a former member of the doomed 8th Company and was given command of the new unit after the Badab Wars conclusion.

Here we can see Sergeant Venturos' many battle honorifics and reliquaries. He wears the death mask in recognition of his fallen Brothers of the 8th. The reliquary on his chest was given to him in recognition for his bravery fighting Biel-tan Eldar on Duledain. The parchment on his left shoulder is a copy of the Consecration of Lamentation, which he reads to his unit daily. From his right shoulder pad hangs a vial of blood, said to have been given to him as part of a mysterious debt from the Calix Priesthood. He is armed with an MK IV 'Redemptor' Chainsword and a Cruciform pattern Storm Shield he calls Vex. This level of ornamentation is typical of Veterans of the Lamenters Chapter.

Assault Squad Venturos' dedicated transport, the Rhino Inculos


GreyCleric08 said...

Always amazing work. Do you think you'll ever put them together into a full Chapter muster photo?

Anonymous said...

Nice! I love the uparmoring on the Rhino. Nice work on the hatch, as well. I did some checkering on my Baal Predators, and despite the simplicity of the pattern, it's really not easy. Good stuff!

BoxerSaint said...

Amazing work. You make me want to turn my custom successor chapter into a Lamenters chapter. If I thought I could handle the checkered pattern I would. Well done.

Zenos said...

Nice work Av. Like the idea and the extra armor is executed well.

Anonymous said...


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