Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jarl the Gutsman

Jarl the Gutsman, Blood Sorcerer of Nurgle,
Pledged to the World Eater Lord Hans Kho'ren

While it is true that almost every single Brother of the World Eaters Legion pledged himself to Khorne during the Heresy, their are exceptions to every rule. Exceptions such as the Gutsman. Like all World Eaters, even before the Heresy, Jarl was enthralled with killing in the most savage ways. But it was truly mortality that interested the young Brother the most. And as he studied he came upon Nurgle, who whispered in his ear. And so when the World Eaters fell upon Holy Terra, Nurgle bestowed his gifts upon Brother Jarl, showing him his enemies death in their blood. From then on he was not just Jarl, he was the Gutsman. Though no longer fully trusted by his Legion brothers, Jarl proved useful as an ally.
On Skalathrax, as the Legion scattered, the Gutsman joined forces with a Captain named Hans Kho'ren. Ever since then they have marched against the Imperium together. During the First War for Armageddon, while most of the hoard marched through the jungles toward Armageddon Secundus, Jarl stayed on Prime, in Hive Death Mire. While at Death Mire the Gutsman sacrificed the blood of thousands in practicing his dark arts, and forged the daemon weapon Patroclus.

The Gutsman carries the Daemonic stave Patroclus.

The plastic Nurgle Chaos Lord is just a pleasure to work with. Great molding, minimal lines, it's just awesome that it is a plastic kit. And as far as characters go, it's super cheap!


sonsoftaurus said...

Looks great! With blood-borne pathogens, it should be a good fit. I like the symbol on the mask.

Ken Coble said...

I've been waffling about how to get starter on Chaos marines forever now, and Khornate was always the one flavor that just did nothing for me. But your stuff has really made me reconsider! They look really solid, and your inclusion of stuff like Jarl here and your brass juggernauts is really inspiring!

(I still think I'm going Slaanesh, but you've certainly given me something to think about!)

Xaereth said...

Damn dude, it really looks good.

Not that it's surprising or anything :-p