Monday, December 19, 2011

Other Worlds Games Tournament 12/10

So this past Saturday I went down to a tournament at a local shop I hadn’t been to before, Other Worlds Games, in SW Portland. The tournament was 1500 points with rulebook missions and straight win/loss bracketing. The venue was nice, a little cramped, but with great terrain on all the tables. I brought my Lamenters (BA) and used this list.

Game 1 v. Chris O.'s Emperor's Children

Game one I played against Chris and his Emperor’s Children army, the mission was Annihilation/ Spearhead. The table was a mix of walls, towers, and jungle. Chris had two Lash Sorcerers, a Summoned Greater daemon, two Noise Marine squads in Rhinos, two CSM squads in Rhinos, a Defiler, and an Obliterator.

Chris got first turn and deployed strong in the center, with one Noise Marine unit off to one side. I put my Devastators on high ground, and put my Rhinos and one Predator strong to the middle. On the left flank Mephiston deployed ready to hop into the Devastators Razorback, while the remaining ‘Baal’ Outflanked.

Chris advanced and put some shots out with his Obliterator (which bounced off the Razorback) and Defiler (which killed some Devastators). On my turn Mephiston mounted up and advanced towards his Obliterator and a CSM squad. My remaining Devastators immobilized and weapon destroyed his Defiler, while the Razorback took a wound off his Obliterator. Return fire wrecked the Razorback and Mephiston was Lashed 11” back. Sonic weaponry from his flanking Noise Marines destroyed a Devastator squad.

His Greater Daemon comes in and charges Mephiston (after he killed the Obliterator), but they draw combat in the first round. My Outflanking Baal comes in behind his lines and wrecks a Noise Marine Rhino. One of my Assault squads wrecks his Defiler with Meltaguns, while the other charges into the Daemon and kill it. Mephiston , unengaged and free to pick his target, killed the Lash Sorcerer and Noise Marine unit that the Baal de-meched. Win for the Lamenters.

Game 2 v. Jeremy's Sisters of Battle

Game two I played against Jeremy, who was using Eben’s Sisters of Battle army, the mission was Capture and Control/ Dawn of War. The table was mostly clear, but for a few bunches of trees, and a gigantic imposing ziggurat in the middle of the board. We placed our objectives on either side of the ziggurat. The Sisters army consisted of St. Celestine, Uriah with Assassins/Crusaders in a Rhino, two Battle Sister squads in Rhinos, two Dominion squads w/ two flamers and a Multi-melta Immolator, two Exorcists, and a Retributer squad w/ four heavy bolters.

Jeremy got first turn and opted to have everything roll on first; I deployed Mephiston about half way up the ziggurat. When they came in all the Rhinos and Celestine went behind the ziggurat, while the fire support elements took up position in a wood on the left flank. My Rhinos/Predators mirrored his, coming in out of line of sight, while the Devastators walked onto a hill opposite the Exorcists.

Celestine went to the top of the ziggurat to try and bait Mephiston, but instead I insta-killed her with an Assault Cannon. Unfortunately she was already in great position at the point; about 12” from my objective. His Dominions came in and killed the Devastators and Mephiston had to turn away from the objective to deal with Uriah and the Assassins. All this meant I wasn’t in position to even draw the game, especially when the Saint came back to life and destroyed the scoring unit on my objective. I didn’t keep focused on the mission objective and was careless in the placement of my Devastators with regards to the Dominions. First time playing against the new Sisters though, fun stuff.

Game 3 v. Steve's Tyranids

Game three I played against Steve with his Tyranid army. The mission was Seize Ground (3)/ Pitched Battle. The table was dominated by a Fortress of Redemption in the center, with a ruin in each deployment zone. The Tyranid army consisted of a Tervigon w/ Catalyst+Toxin Sacs, two Venomthropes, two three-man Hive Guard units, two ten-man Termagaunt units, two Dakkafexes in a squad, and two Trygons w/ Adrenal Glands.

Steve went first and his horde (or brick) went behind the Fortress, all wrapped in Gaunts. I put one Dev unit up in the ruins, and the other one and the extreme flank, with firing lanes to his big bugs. My Assault squads went together in flat out range of two objectives on a flank, while the ‘Baal’s and Razorback went on the opposite flank. Mephiston took the middle.

So first turn his horde advances, and I take a couple wounds off his Trygons with missle and Assault Cannon fire. My Assault squads advance on his side of the board. I focus on the Venomthropes and take them out. His Trygon barely misses a charge on my ‘Baal’, and is in turn charged by Mephiston. I miscount my psychic powers and am left unable to force weapon the Trygon, who knocks him down to one wound. The Carnifexi charge into Mephiston; he manages to kill the Trygon and one Fex before the last one drags him down. The Devastators finish off the other Trygon. One of my Assault squads and Devastators focus fire on his Tervigon and kill it, leaving him without Synapse. After that it was all monster truck rally as I tank-shocked the rest of his army off the board.

All in all a great event, things ran quickly and smoothly with minimal downtime between rounds (the whole tournament only ran from 12 to 6). I managed to win Best Sportsman when the dust had settled, so thanks to all my great opponents! For my prize I picked up a new Venerable Dreadnought kit for my Lamenters.


Anonymous said...

Great report! I should have gotten a better look at your army, because they looked sweet. Congrats on best sport!

- Eben

Kraylen said...

I rather wish I'd taken a closer look as well. Congrats on best Sport.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Well done :D

How do you find playing at 1500 pts? I know you Americans generally play bigger games, so am interested in your view on a smaller game.

I always love seeing your Lamenters on table, they look really good!

And the sponsonless Baals, what did you think?

Darkwynn said...

Hey I know those Bugs and Steve :). He used to Live in Florida! Tell him I said hey Chris