Thursday, March 8, 2012

From the Tables... The Threads of Atelkia

So this month the league is back to 2000 points. I've been itching to pull out my Eldar for a couple weeks, and 2000 is the perfect point value. The mission was Capture and Control with Spearhead deployment. I was up against a Raptors Space Marine army featuring Captain Shrike leading ten Assault Terminators. Not a ton of pictures here, but they do follow the fate of those Terminators quite well.

* * * * *
In 947.M41 the Eldar of the Tir'Sahras Craftworld fell upon the agri-world of Atelkia Minor with no warning, and in a genocidal campaign, wiped out the Imperial population. Before every citizen was killed a distress call went out from the planet into the void. Two months later Space Marines of the Raptors Chapter arrived on the planet to investigate. After days of cat and mouse games following planetfall the Raptors eventually came to grips with their foe amid the ruins of the city of Guer. After a swift and brutal battle the Eldar disappeared from Atelkia, their purpose still unclear.

The Terminators about to get their Turn 2 charge. Shrike broke off and charged in turn 1, but failed to damage a tank and got melta'd in the face for his trouble. The Terminators with some let down here with a Fleet roll of '1'; a little higher and they would have had the charge on the disembarked Fire Dragons.

And here we see that charge. They wreck the empty Wave Serpent, but both squads of Dragons fly away unscathed. You can also see the Combat squad that is almost on my objective already.

Turn 4 I manage to pull off the combo-breaker on the Assault Terminators. Eldrad Dooms the Terminators and Guides both Fire Dragon units. 15 Fusion Guns and a Bladestorm later, ten dead Assault Terminators.

By the end of the game we both have a pretty impressive dead pile and we pull off the Draw.

Eldar home objective, held by two Combat Squads, contested by a Wave Serpent.

Raptors home objective, claimed by Dire Avengers in Falcon, contested by a Rhino.

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