Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Allies are Awesome for Everyone!!

So, once again, the entire 40K blogosphere is on fire about something that has yet to pass. This time it is the new Allies rules included in 6th edition. Personally I think allies rules are awesome and they offer something to every type of gamer.

For those who lean towards the competitive side, Allies offer many ways of making very powerful combinations (though not as many as the blogosphere would have you believe; lots of people don't know the rules for armies they don't play :D). Those players can min/max to their hearts content. For those that love painting and modelling Allies allow many unique and interesting conversions, combined force paint-schemes, crazy counts-as, etc. Even those that favor the story more than anything now have tools to recreate their favorite historical alliances. Allies offer something to everyone.

Personally, I'll be waiting to see what national and local tournaments decide to do with Allies. If they are in, then my dirty Necrons will definitely be getting some rusty Grey Knight buddies (modeled off of FW MKII armour types). As with all the other changes, I think everyone needs to calm down and wait to have the new rulebook in their hands before making any sweeping generalizations or declarations (note that I realize I just did this, haha).

I personally guarantee Allies will be at least this fun.


Brinks Chaos Theory said...

I couldn't agree more on all counts! most of all that everyone should cool their heels and wait for the release before making any grand schemes. and that allies will be great for everyone. I am the opposite of a competitive player but will have great fun mixing and matching fun forces.

Sam said...

Agreed, I'm stupidly excited for allies. Like, when I pick up my book at the store I'm going to look at the allies section, confirm how the levels work (and whether or not you can take SCs) and most likely leave with a crap tonne of Space Wolf, Tau and Eldar models to play around with.

I like that you mentioned paint schemes. Part of me likes the idea of armies matching each other (like your GK and Necrons will), but another part likes the "outsiders" look that blue SW would have alongside red BA. It's the same reason I like a splash of black Death Company and gold Sanguinary Guard amongst my red BA, or green warriors amongst purple Wyches in Dark Eldar. I'm looking forward to adding some regular Eldar to that force... just need to figure out how to play Eldar!

Anonymous said...

Tyranids kind of get shafted though. I really wanted to make an Imperial Guard/Genestealer Cult army.