Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sons of Ishtar

These are some of the Marines (Space Wolves) that I have Allied to my Necrons. I named them the Sons of Ishtar (a goddess who happens to also be the Greek goddess Astarte). The idea is that these Marines were locked in battle with my Necrons when their fate befell them. The Marines have slumbered alongside the Necrons, locked as statues on the battlefield. Now awakened, the Sons of Ishtar feel nothing but rage, and strike out against any who encounter them.


Courtney Hollyoake said...

Nice. Really like the look of them. Nice bit of fluff as well.

Lead Legion Painting Service said...

Very nice fluff. Great idea. I really like the way the gravel and grass tufts enhance the look of the miniatures and tell their narrative at the same time.