Monday, June 17, 2013

Predator 'Excubia'

The tank known as the 'Excubia' has had a long. unfortunate history. Originally part of the Lamenters chapter, the tank had its entire crew slaughtered while it was in route on the flagship Mater Lacrimarum, when it was attacked the the Minotaurs Chapter. After the Badab War, and with a new crew, 'Excubia' went on to gain repute against the monstrous creatures of Hive Fleet Kraken during the Lamenters penitent crusade.

On Devlan, the 'Excubia' and its crew caught the eye of Inquisitor Nasir, of the Ordo Xenos. The tank and its crew were seconded to the Inquisitors retinue, and painted in the colours of the Deathwatch. The crew despaired at leaving their chapter, and this feeling only grew as their Brothers went out of communication, and into the maw of Hive Fleet Kraken. The 'Excubia' went on to serve the Inquisitor for a number of years, until a mission to the planet known as Ib. What happened on that fateful planet is written about in other places, but suffice to say the Lamenters reputation for ill-fortune is well earned. 

Most recently, the 'Excubia' has been seen at the vanguard of assaults lead by the Necron Overlord known as the 'Flesh King of Ib', though the tank itself has seen better days.

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