Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Lamenter (Sanguinor)

995.M41- present The Sanguinor appears many times alongside beleaguered Lamenters forces, taking the aspect of The Lamenter.

So the big news for me is that the Space Marine army I collect, the Lamenters, are now officially listed as a Blood Angel successor in the new Codex (it was speculation before). So, obviously, this opens up some interesting new list options... I think this'll be the first Blood Angel list I try out...

Sanguinor 275
Reclusiarch 130

Furioso w/ extra armour, h. flamer 150
in Drop Pod w/ beacon, deathwind 65
5*Assault Terminators, 3*Hammers 215
in Land Raider Redeemer w/ multi-melta,
extra armour 265
Sanguinary Priest w/ Combi-Melta 60

5*Assault Marines w/ meltagun 110
5*Assault Marines w/ meltagun 110
10*Tactical Marines w/ Meltagun, Multimelta,
combi-melta, power fist 210
in Drop Pod w/ beacon 45
10*Tactical Marines w/ Plasmagun,
Heavybolter, combi-plasma, power fist 215

Heavy Support
Vindicator w/ Extra Armour 160



beakie said...

I have @ 1500 points of Lamenters too, as a second or third army. I am looking at adding a Baal Pred or two, Tycho (just because I have the mini really), and possibly a small death company. I was surprised & happy to see the Lamenters included in the codex, it gives me a reason to blow the dust off them, take a fresh look & bring them up to date.

Slicksauce said...

Very cool take on the Sanguinor!

The_King_Elessar said...

I have to admit, as a Scythes player, I considered making a Lamenters army to go with them, especially since it gives me the extra Codex to play with.

Adam said...

Dude, the Lamenters were always a Blood Angels successor chapter. It says so in their background about not suffering from the Red Thirst/Black Rage but being incredibly unlucky instead.

The space wolves blog.

beakie said...

Right, but this is the first time GW has said they use BA rules. They used to have Cursed Founding rules, before that regular SM rules.

Anonymous said...

thats awesome dude, i have a 4500 point army that im currently running off 5th ed space marines codex, a death company and the high chaplain are my ideal additions to it.

Master Darksol said...

That's a great look for The Sanguinor. He looks like he's made of marble instead of gold.

Given your discovery (or should I say confirmation?) of your chapter's heritage, are you planning on making any Death Company at some point? What color scheme would you do for them?

BigWill said...

Instead of Death Co. the could have the Really Unlucky Co. :)
You should scuplt a small heart for the center of his chest instead of the gemstone.
Like MD said you have a cool marble look going.

Neil Kerr aka Skcuzzlebumm said...

I was really impressed when I 1st saw this Lamenters army on BoLS a year or 2 ago. Even more chuffed to see that it is coming back with the new Codex additions.

Go retro RT marine armies!

Anonymous said...

The Lamenters were always of the Blood Angels geneseed - but the whole point of their creation was to remove it, and the did. It was well known for years that this is what they are, and that they are exclusively a Codex chapter in organisation. They don't and never will have a Death Company because they don't suffer the Black Rage or Red Thirst or anything Blood Angel specific.

Having their name in the book is just based on the fact that their geneseed was BA, doesn't mean that's the army book they use. Essentially it was a mistake, and if you must - a retcon.

Aventine said...

Definitely a retcon. They even explain in the book that the Lamenters claimed to have cured the Red Thirst, but then it was worse than ever (guess they are still unlucky)