Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wow! That is a lot of models!

Back in June I started keeping a running tally of all the models I have been painting; be they personal, commission, or anything else. Today I counted them all up and I was pretty surprised... why don't you take a look...

Terminators (13)- Done
Librarian/Chaplain (2) - Done
Scouts (5) - Done
Wraithknight (1) - Done
Dire Avengers (10)- Done
Warp Spiders (9)- Done
Solitaire (1)- Done
Goblin Mountain Forces of Order (15)-Done
Furiosos (2)- Done
Assault Squad (10)-Done
Scouts (5) -Done
Death Company (10) - Done
Grey Hunters (10) - Done
Grey Hunters (10) -Done
Commanders(2)- Done
Riptides(3)- Done
C'tan- Done
Scarabs (15)-Done
Deathmarks (10)- Done
Lords (3)-Done
Boar Nobz(9) - Done
Warriors (30) - Done
Jetbikes(6)- Done
Skyshield- Done
Warriors (30)- Done
Arks (3)- Done
Immortals(5) - Done
Kroot (20) - Done
Wave Serpent (1) - Done
Guardian Buildings (2)- Done
Tomb Stalker (1)- Done
White Scars Tacticals (8)-Done
Custodes (1) - Done
Decimator (1)-Done
DA Dreadnought (1)-Done
Red Wake (1)-Done
Huron (1)-Done
Sanguinor (1)-Done
Astorath (1)-Done
Bel'akor (1)- Done
Lemartes (1)- Done
Legion (4)- Done
Terminator Chaplain (1) - Done
Destroyers (5) -Done
Command Barge (1) - Done
C'tan (1) -Done
Abbadon/Loken (2)- Done
Fiend (1) - Done
Daemon Prince (1) - Done
Scythe (1)- Done
Angron (3)- Done
Ark Beetle (1) - Done
'Scorpion' Warriors (40) - Done
Fabius (1) -Done
Terminator Lord (1) - Done

By my count that is over 300 infantry and over 20 vehicles/monstrous creatures/buildings/fortifications... not a bad 5 months work, shows what you can do with some focus. Linking the list to relevant posts also makes me realize how many of my projects I am not posting. Considering almost all I do here is post pictures of completed projects, I should really rectify that...


captaina said...

I love you....and I hate you.....keep painting!

daKingSays said...

Oh yeah? Well I watched a movie and three Simpsons episodes tonight :p

Aventine said...

I did plenty of that while I painted!!