Sunday, December 15, 2013

Da Scroggy Bukket Boyz

 These are my bitz box built Meganobz. I have had them tucked away and built since the summer, but no time to paint them between school and commissions. But with my semester over I have some free time, so I am painting up them and their Battlewagon ride. All these models have a plastic Nob at their core, built up with various armour plates (and plasticard) and weapons.

This one is hilarious; he has a Sentinel foot for a foot and a Sentinel leg for an arm. His armour plates include Furioso dread gauntlets, a Necron Warrior back, and a servo arm back pack.

This one is the only one that is not technically WYSIWYG in terms of his power klaw, but I couldn't pass up the double clutch choppa. This one got a Sentinel exhaust housing.

I made this one like a miniature kan by chopping off his neck and putting a piece of the Ork Trukk turret on his shoulders. I then built his armour shell around that piece and gave him a nice optical from an actual Ork dread. He suffered a bit from lack of bits, and ended up with a CSM Heavy Bolter for a twin-linked shoota.

This one is one of my favorites, I think because of his mind-linked shoota turret and SM bike headlight groin armour.

This one is also a favorite. He really looks like the real thing, mostly because of his authentic gun arm.

Unpainted these models were a bit questionable, but with a nice finish they will certainly fit in with my other Ork forces


JD Brink said...

These guys are awesome! very orky :)

Scott Shoemaker said...


TJ Atwell said...

Very awesome and a great use of old bits.