Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mechanicum Menials

So I ordered some Mechanicum Thallax and a Magos Dominus to go with my White Scars. I usually have to play 40K rules, as opposed to the Heresy list, so that means using some 'counts-as' magic to field my lovely cyborgs. So that meant. no matter how I used them, I'd need to make a unit of Menials to act as an Allied Troop choice (not to mention this gave me a project to work on until my other, more exciting, units arrived). Enter Dark Vengenace Chaos Cultists.
I used a variety of backpacks and wire to get the look I wanted, as well as a few pairs of Scout Sniper optical arrays.
 For the paint scheme, I shamelessly stole from Dave Taylor (as seen here), thanks Dave! The paint scheme definitely put them over the top for me, as far as 'un-chaos-ifying' them.

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