Saturday, January 11, 2014

WIP: Ichthys Rex, Baron of Knight Household Brightwood

Not super close to done yet, but you can see the general idea coming together. The design was almost entirely stolen by the ever-talented Sheep, over at Forlorn Hope. I am trying to source something nice for a shoulder mounted weapon. I was thinking of using a twin autocannon from a Contemptor, to make it reminiscent of the old Castellan Knight, but I really wish I had a heavy conversion beamer to use. I used the extra hands I had from my Thallax conversions for his little manipulator arms; I thought of having them hold something, but it didn't look right without the face inspecting it.

Stick em' up!


Dave Taylor said...

NIIIIIIICE! Looking very cool.

5h33p said...

Very nice mate, I love the use of the thallanx arms (wish I had of thought of it/had spares) ties it in really well to the other models in the army.