Sunday, February 23, 2014

World Eaters/ Death Guard Army Incoming

So I am working on a mostly FW kit Heresy army for someone. It will go with the Angron I did late last year. The Rampager was a tester for the army, which will be pretty gritty. The Death Guard Tacticals use MKIII armour and the Plague Marine kit, so they are late Heresy I suppose.

Anyway, it is a pretty impressive list of kits I'll be tackling:

World Eaters
Praetors (Power armour/Terminator)
Master of Signals/ Champion
10*Red Butchers
2*World Eater Relic Contemptors
10*Tacticals w/ Rhino
10*Tacticals w/ Rhino

Death Guard
Calas Typhon
5*Grave Wardens

Got it all assembled:

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