Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heresy Alpha Legion Tester

So long, long ago, back before all this FW Heresy craziness, my original project in the period was Alpha Legion (c. 2006 or so). That Heresy Alpha Legion army was actually my third Alpha Legion army overall... so I have had a thing for the Legion for a while. Anyways, seeing all their new fluff, and rules, and colour pages has completely drawn me back in, and I am hooked on them again.

I don't particularly care for how FW has painted their models, don't like the metallics, but I see more takes on Alpha Legion from more painters than any other legion, so I'm not worried about it.Theoretically this guy is a Vigilator in Scout Armour.

Missing from this model is the capitol Gamma I intend to incorporate on my models (as the new FW book has them using various Greek characters as heraldry).

What do you think of my first take?

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daKingSays said...

Wants a full plate test model! Haha

Looking back at pictures of your last THREE Alpha Legion Armies, I think I liked the heresy one the best as far as armor color goes. Silver trim on blue armor isn't really my cup of tea (even though that is the correct combo), so I don't like the edition of silver weathering on the armor. Is there something else you could do to create the same effect? For instance do weathering in green as a way to tie that color into the mix? Just ideas. If this is to be your FOURTH army; does anyone really know better than you on how to paint these guys?

p.s. I never understood why you created a White Scars Legion; Alpha is what you always should have been creating...