Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hydra Guard: Phoenix Alpha

 I finished my full 'Rewards of Treason' unit, some Phoenix Guard terminators, who I have been calling the Hydra Guard or Phoenix Alphas. I really like how the gold and turquoise interact visually and it was fun doing the individual shields, which covered the most prominent Emperor's Children iconography.

 I also did this second Tactical Sergeant, which I am pretty pleased with....

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DimDim said...

Excellent stuff! I'm extremely enamoured with your sergeants paint job! Only suggestion I could drop is in regards to the silencer on the combi plasma, remove the actual flash guard then glue the silencer on where it should be. It creates the realistic effect that it has been screwed over the flash hider and not just stuck ontop of the hider, this tenge ring the point of a silencer mute. Just my two cents though, keep the good stuff comin!