Saturday, November 22, 2014

Alpha Legion Fellblade 'Chain of Perseus'

 For my current Alpha Legion project I decided to revamp the old Fellblade I had in my c. 2007 Heresy Alpha Legion army (seen in the picture here). Of course, back then we did not have all the fancy FW rules for actual Fellblades, so it was just a blue Baneblade with a Marine driving it. So I found the old girl, languishing in a friends garage for the last three years, and dusted her off.
The new turret weapons are Kingslayer Cannons from Blood and Skulls industry, which are some great bits/kits.
Anyway, hope y'all like it...


Ghostin said...

Nice chipping effect - and the non-standard weapons enhance the idea of Alpha Legion mystique.

Mordian7th said...

Love it - Blood and Skulls makes some great conversion bits - really dig how that turned out!