Friday, September 2, 2016

From the Tables... Forged in the Ruinstorm

In 007.M31, the Alpha Legion Cell designated 'Gamma Sol' was tasked with purging the world of Persepolis, which had become infested by warp entities led by Corbax Utterblight... 

Played a game against some Ruinstorm Daemons! Played Shatterstrike w/ Clash of the Lines. 2,500 points, he used Age of Darkness FOC, no Formations, etc. He used a house rule that we use for Heresy Daemons, Eldar, and Orks, which is double max squad sizes, so he had a unit of 40 Plague Bearers w/ a Herald w/ the Grimoire, and giving them all Feel No Pain! He also had Corbax and a Daemon Knight (which I guess is a little questionable 30K fluff wise?).

Anyway, poor, poor Corbax Deep Struck into my deployment zone and then immediately got erased by a unit of Sniper Veterans (he scattered into rapid fire range). They put 13 wounds on him out of 20 shots. Bad scenario for a T8, W7 model. He really should have Feel No Pain or a 4+ save.

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