Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Methalor Penal Auxillia

Convict Colonel Cash
Charges: Murdered his family at the age of eight. Multiple homicides upon Methalor.

So much to my own shagrin I have decided to work on two armies at the same time. The Tyranids are numerous and the colour-scheme takes its toll, so I decided to slowly work on these guys aswell. The list I made looks like a lot of fun I think.

Hardened Fighters
Independent Commisars

Heroic Senior Officer w/ Power Fist
Command Squad w/ Meltagun, Medic, Standard Bearer (Hardened Fighters) 137

Fire Support Squad w/ Autocannons 95

Priest w/ Eviscerator, Honorifica, Carapace 100
Schaeffer & Kage & Chancers 470

10*Veterans w/ shotguns, missle launcher, 2*grenade launchers, plasmagun (Hardened Fighters) 141
10*Veterans w/ shotguns, heavy bolter, 3*grenade launchers (Hardened Fighters) 134
3* Independent Commisars w/ 2*Power weapon, 1*Power Fist 180

Chancers sub units:
5*Last Chancers w/ Missle Launcher , Plasmagun
5*Last Chancers w/ Lascannon, Plasmagun
Last Chancer w/ Demo Charge
5*Chancers w/ 3*Flamers, Demo Charge
Last Chancer w/ Meltagun, Refractor Field

Infantry Platoon
Command Section w/ 2 Flamers (Hardened Fighters) 67
Infantry Squad w/ Frag Grenades, Heavy Bolter, Flamer (Hardened Fighters) 101
Infantry Squad w/ Frag Grenades, Heavy Bolter, Flamer (Hardened Fighters) 101

Fast Attack
Sentinels w/ Lascannon 55
Sentinels w/ Lascannon 55

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Demolisher w/ 3*Heavy Bolters, Extra Armour, Improved Comms 190
Leman Russ Demolisher w/ 3*Heavy Bolters, Extra Armour 170


Troopers Caldwell, Bowie, Hays, Travis, and Boone
Charges: Gave up their garrison when faced with overwhelming force.

Troopers Hendrie, Snyder, Perry, and Bennet
Charges: Rogue Traders charged with trading with unsanctioned Xenos.

Trooper Manson
Charges: Battery and assault


Jhagadurn said...

Hey I was looking at your list, and I'm a little confused with the last chancers... I thought you could only have 4 subgroups, but it looks like you have 6?

Aventine said...

You can have 5. Kage and Schaefer are attached to the single Meltagunner with refractor field.

CrusherJoe said...

Sweet crack-smokin' crablegs those look really, really sweet. Great work on the jumpsuits...they really have depth and dimension. Outstanding work!

bullymike said...

wow, freakin awesome. can't wait to see this one.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking Models.

I hate the list love the Chancers!


Aventine said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

What do you hate about the list kings?

Anonymous said...

Ok I will break it down for you and I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Things I like:
Theme is great. I have certainly thought about making a penal legion before myself. Using Schaeffer adds a certain character to the list as well. You say the jumpsuits don’t look as “red” in person but those pictures look great. The serial numbers are a nice touch.

Things I don’t like:
Ever since your LatD I have had problems with your lists. They seem very one dimensional. You take a unit you like and multiply it rather that diversifying your list. You may have a broad range of different Types of units, but within each Type all units look the same.
Ex: Eldar; three identical Heavies, 2 identical Troops, 2 identical HQs, 2 identical Elites
Ex: Nids; besides your Warriors your entire list was duplicated!

This leads to an army that is less interesting to play against… possibly even with (although you may argue that point). For instance if you have a unit armed a certain way, you have tactics for that one unit because it excels at fighting a certain thing. If you have multiples of that single unit then your tactics are going to be multiplied and not diversified.

Things you may have problems with:
I would keep in mind 5th addition around the corner when making this list Chris. Lack of target priority and being able to shoot through area terrain will mean the smaller units with get eaten up quickly.

Don’t have my codex on me but it looks like you only have one Troops choice…


Aventine said...

Thanks for the honest feedback. My Alpha Legion also has many duplicated units. I guess mainly doing this make list building easier. Also sometimes, like with the LaTD, I felt I was making things different just to be different, which I thought got boring. Redundency helps any list a lot I realized (especially Nids, but thats a little off subject). If I like the way a certain unit performs consistantly, I'd like to have two of them. That way if one dies theres still something there to perform the same task, which I guess I can see it making it less fun to play against. But really besides you I can't think of anyone who doesn't use redundency (and you add more all the time, 2*Demolishers in your newest list?)

5th ed. is definately a concern, but the other half of what you mentioned is terrain becoming more protective for infantry. If a small unit absorbs a whole units shooting then thats fine (I'm not really sure how scoring Victory points works with the chancers)

I actually have three troops, if you take more than 16 Chancers they count as two Troops choices.

Aventine said...

Also, to be fair, the Eldar only have 2 units which are 100% identical(the Dragons and two of the Falcons. Everything else has some kind of difference. The Nids are totally duplicated, as I feel it adds to the faceless feeling of the horde.

I tried a little to counteract that in this list with the chancers, although two subunits are identical. The flamer/heavy bolter are the prefered weapons, hence the infantry squads. I will switch up the weapons in the Hardened vets, as I think that probably sticks out the most.

Anonymous said...

...rape and assualt...?
you need to get one of those female catachan grenade launcher models for this army. Any female model would be great.


Anonymous said...

Just a question... are you sure that Cash should be a convict too? I mean if you were a criminal would you follow another criminal into battle? Personally I think the morale would be fairly low...


Aventine said...

Thats why there are so many Commissars.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple more comments...

Your autocannon unit is only 55pts?

Even though the Priest is not an IC with so few models in the unit torrent will kick his ass, NTM 5th addition makes you allocate wounds before saves, right?


p.s. instead of hopping back and forth between BoLS and Zen I will just post here :)

p.s. love the names and crimes so far.

Aventine said...

Good catch on the Autocannons, I'll have to work that out, I only paid for one of them (oops).

I'll probably take out a Sentinel to get the points, and can probably afford the carapace....

Anonymous said...

Just a question... what uses improved comms?


Aventine said...

All the Chancers can deep strike...

Anonymous said...

You think you will ever acturaly do that?

Aventine said...

Certainly the Meltagun, flamer, and demo charge ones. You get to pick per sub unnit.

Anonymous said...

When did you get the Codex or are you borrowing it?

Neferata said...

I noticed you took the ratling doctrine, but have no ratlings in the list.

If you're not using em' then why not just go with close order drill since it's a free upgrade for your standard infantry platoons.

Neferata said...

btw, great looking army, though!