Sunday, February 24, 2008

DL Tournament 2/23

So I got out to a 2000 point tournament at DL today and had a nice time. I decided to tone down my usual tournament Eldar list for this one, so switched out the Harlequins to the old Banshees and switched out the second bike Farseer for a laser lance Autarch, which I hadn't used before. Lets run it down.

Round 1 v. Sam's Chaos

Round one was against Sam, I had seen and talked to him a few times but we had not actually played before. His army is really cool as he has recasted every piece in bronze (his Land Raider is like eight pounds). I fortunately got a board with a whole lot of terrain on it and limited his shots a whole lot (he certainly had alot of firepower). The mission was recon, which gave me a real advantage. I flanked around the large piece of central terrain and slammed into his forces. The Fire Dragon/ Lancetarch combo saw off his Land Raider with Terminator squad, and bladestorm/doom did most of the rest. He did manage to destroy or immobilze four of my five skimmers, but I had too many scoring units in his zone for it to make a difference.

Result: Crushing Victory for me (17)

Round 2 v. Mike's Dark Angels

This was a great game, I definately don't get to play against Mike enough, and its a shame for him it happened to be against this army. The mission was Seek and Destroy. I came into the game a bit worried because he had quite a few shots and there was very little area terrain on the board. I was able to get the most out of what was there. Mike did the smart thing and refused flanked me, but I was able to find a chink and just dove right in. Mike got unk=lucky with his psychic hood and my Farseer was throwing his powers around with impunity. A doom/ bladestorm combo finished off his Deathwing assault before it could do anything and my Fire Dragons claimed their second Land Raider of the day.

Result: Victorious Slaughter (20+17)

Round 3 v. Nick's Eldar

Round three was Take and Hold. I missed a pic. Nick was rocking a classic Ulthwe force with Eldrad, the Avatar, a solid core of Guardians, some Wraithguard, Avengers, Dragons, Reapers, and a pair of Falcons. He rolled good against my holo-fields, I rolled bad against his. Nuf' said. The highlight of the game was doing three wounds to the Avatar with Mind War.

Result: Solid Loss (20+17+7)
27/30 Painting
30/30 Sportsmanship

All in all good for second place. I picked up a few things for my Penal Legion and some Warp Spiders to spice up my Eldar.

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