Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Battleforge 'Eavy Tournament 5/10

Once more I came down with my Mech Eldar for the Eavy tournament. I hadn't used a Falcon in over a month, which felt good, but hopefully I wasn't rusty. We had 14 people show up with some good armies. I completely forgot my camera but there was such good blog coverage at this tournament that I was able to get all my game pics. Let's break it down...

Round 1 v. Frank's Ultramarines
Well, once again I ended up against Frank in the first round of an 'eavy, and once again his dice just killed him. His single tactical error is shown in the above picture, as the Rhino wall he created ended up being much more in my favor than his, as it gave me another place to jump into him from. I got 20/21 points.

Round 2 v. Jhag's Mech IG

Jhag has a really cool Mech IG army consisting of a command HQ in a Chimera, a Grey Knight Brother-Captain, 2 Demolishers, a Battle tank, a Hellhound, 3 Grenadier squads in Chimeras, and three Hardened Veteran units. I was able to isolate the fire of two Veteran units and pick it apart piece by piece. I got everything but the Tertiary (which was pretty much impossible to get if you won) for 18/21 points. Between rounds 2 & 3 I won the knowledge quiz again to continue my streak of wins since the New Year.

Round 3 v. Bushido's Three Monolith 'Cron's

This game was a bad dream, although it was still alot of fun. I had never played against Necrons with my Eldar and boy are they rough. The Eldar really don't have much to rough up the Monoliths, although it didn't help that I couldn't roll enough to destroy it when I got hits. So here I played the numbers and just tried to guarantee that I would end up higher in the rankings than my opponent, because we were both way higher in score than anyone else. The strategy didn't pay off as a couple people gave up full points in the tables below me, but I still ended up in third, not bad for getting 0 points in one round...

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