Sunday, March 9, 2008

Battleforge 'Eavy Tournament 3/8

This weekend I made my way to BFG to try to defend my spot at 2nd place (having finished 2nd at January and February's tournament). We had a great turn out, with a full twenty people, which meant no buys. Yaaay! A lot of great players and super competitive builds. I'll break it down.

Round 1 v. Frank's Ultramarines

I was nervous about this first round as Frank had a very capable gunline with plenty of weapons to knock all my tanks out of the air. I was somewhat comforted by the fact that the primary objective was table quarters. Really it was Frank's dice that beat him in this game more than me, I did manage to pull off a pretty nice flank move on his fortified line, but he couldn't roll his way out of a wet paper bag. Throughout the course of the game he only managed to kill a single Harlequin, my Rangers, and a Wave Serpent. He killed more of his plasma gunners than I did. But I got 21/22 battle points, so good deal.

Round 2 v. Sean's Nidzilla

Again Sean and I managed to meet in a different round than the third, but unlike usual I managed to pull out a win. Primary objective was straight victory points, with recon for secondary, and killing your opponents highest point unit as the tertiary. Also, props to Sean for getting all his bugs painted up for this one, I know it had been hurting him in past tournaments. I started out with a powerful flanking move and a couple really good mind wars (one outright killing a sniperfex when I rolled a six and he rolled a one). The Snipers and a unit of Fire Dragons accounted for one dakkafex each, while another unit of Fire Dragons killed a full three Tyrant Guard before holding up a Stealer unit for a full three phases. The Harlequins were brilliant, rending both Hive Tyrants and three Tyrant Guard out of existance. A close game but a good one. Primary and tertiary to me with a bonus point for 16 in the round (how did I lose that recon objective?)

Round 3 v. Dylan's Tyranid Swarm

*Photo Unavailable*

Dylan had a really odd army that I had a lot more trouble with than I would have thought. He had about 80 Spinegaunts, nine Warriors, three Zoanthropes, twelve genestealers, three Raveners, two Sniperfexes, a Dakka-flyrant and a foot Tyrant with Guard. It was a really close and unusual game and he had some crazy rolls. His swarm of Gaunts made it really hard to maneuver. Besides that I really don't know what to say. I captured the primary objective and got a bonus point.

Overall my points were good for......... you guessed it, 2nd place.

I picked up a box of Striking Scorpions, now I have a unit of every Aspect barring Dark Reapers. Woo.

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