Sunday, June 1, 2008

~Escape from Bloc A-13~

Bregenzian 13th Imperial Guard v.
Methalor Penal Bloc A-13

Well back again with another report, with my Methalor IG, as promised. This is also my final 4th ed. report, so soak it in :). Here we have the valiant men of Methalor in a post-crusade situation where they have killed Imperial forces on the planet and are making their way towards the planet's one spaceport with one thing standing in their way. The forces of the Bregenzian guard.

The Penal legion must kill all opposition before them, while the Bregenzian guard must kill the traitorous prisoners to the man. Thus a 1,500 point Seek and Destroy is the game.

Deployment- The Bregenzian forces set up on two flanks with a Demolisher tank anchoring each one. The Bregenzian Stormtroopers infiltrated into a forward position. The Methalor took up a refused flank position, with forward infiltrating elements, in hopes of marching straight through the enemy and to freedom.

Convict Colonel Cash looked out across the battlefield, squinting to avoid the plumes of dust rising off the ground. The green camo of the Bregenzian armour stood out against the sand. He had led his men this far; through the Arbites, through the Commissars, and now only one barrier presented itself. To his left 'Birdman' and Boone played kabak. He hadn't seen his men this happy in some time, since before the Crusade. They had been promised a pardon, but the auxillia had gotten none. Now they were going to take their pardon.

"Load up!"

Bregenzian Turn 1
The Bregenzian armour, two Demolishers and a Chimera, advanced towards the prisoners. The Sentinels stalked stealthily forward, drawing a bead on the Methalor Demolisher, but the armour proves to great and the las-blasts glance off. Most of the Bregenzian bullets find rock as the enemy hunker into cover, though the Demolisher on the western flank blows apart three Last Chancers.

Methalor Turn 1
Demolisher Alpha blew a track on the rocks as it tried to crest a hill, while Cash's Chimera sped forward and ignited its smoke launchers. The lascannon team of Chancers 'Birdman' and Boone destroyed the Sentinel 'Lucky', which exploded in a hail of shrapnel killing three members of infantry squad Fox. Chancer Luciano blew the legs off the Sentinel 'Pot Shot' with his missle launcher. Meanwhile the autocannon squad destroyed the Bregenzian Armoured Fist while the hardened criminals of Bloc A-13 scythed down enemy infantry.

Bregenzian Turn 2
The Demolishers rolled forward while the Bregenzian Storm Troopers took up position in a wooden watch tower to the East, and loosed their hellguns, killing the autocannon heavy weapon platoon. The Bregenzian Demolisher to the west blew the cannon off of the immobilized Demolisher Alpha. The heavy bolters chattered out of the line and killed more prisoners.

Methalor Turn 2
Savoy and a small group of Chancers emerged from a hidden tunnel entrance next to the Demolisher on the eastern flank, letting loose with a meltagun to blow it sky-high. Demolisher Beta and the veterans under Lucius killed half the Storm Trooper unit while Cash's Chimera destroyed an infantry unit with its heavy bolters.

Bregenzian Turn 3
The grav-chutes of the Bregenzian Storm Troopers fluttered as they settled to the arid ground behind the Methalor lines. The Demolisher on the Western front plowed into the small copse of dried trees in which a group of Methalor Veterans hid, letting loose with its heavy flamers, leaving nothing but smoking corpses. Savoy and his group were slaughtered in a hail of bolt rounds while the freshly landed Storm Troopers blew the tracks off Cash's Chimera.

Methalor Turn 3
Convict Colonel Cash, in a rage, charged out of his Chimera towards the elite Bregenzian infantry. The Storm Troopers on the Eastern front were destroyed by the combined fire of Demolisher Beta and Travis' Veterans. Cash charged into the other Storm Troopers and he and his command squad laid them low.

Bregenzian Turn 4
The Bregenzian Drop-sentinel 'Deuce' landed behind prison lines, preparing its autocannon as it came down. Once the driver gained his bearings he lit into Cash's empty Chimera, blowing it sky high. A missle lanced out of the Bregenzian lines and blew apart Methalor Demolisher Alpha.

Methalor Turn 4
Kage and his small unit emerged from hiding and attempted to destroy the Bregenzian Demolisher with a demo charge, but it fell well short, and he and his men were left stranded. Colonel Cash charged into the Drop-sentinel and destroyed it.

Bregenzian Turn 5
Various small arms fire tore into the prisoners and a few small units fell back, though no significant losses were incurred.

Methalor Turn 5
Kage charged into the Bregenzian lines but was beaten and cut down as he ran for safety.

Bregenzian Turn 6
The Bregenzian infantry finished off a group of Methalor Veterans.

Methalor Turn 6
Demolisher Beta rolled into the wreckage of Demolisher Alpha and loosed a shell destroying the Bregenzian Demolisher on the Western flank.

Result: Draw


Anonymous said...

booooo Where is the picture of me burning your traitors?! Nice report BTW.


Boss Salvage said...

Nice report AC, big fan of those penal troopers of yours.

4x demolishers in one game = delicious!

- Salvage

Slicksauce said...

Very nice Guard army!