Friday, June 6, 2008

~The Structure of a Cell~

A Treatise on the Organisation of the Alpha Legion of Space Marines

The Alpha Legion are the most secretive and mysterious of the Chaos Legions, thus aquiring information on them, much less their organisation, is incredibly challenging. Thus it is with great pleasure I present to you this analysis of the Alpha Legion structure, whose most basic building block is the Cell.

Types of Cells-While the Alpha Legion themselves do not distinguish between the types of Cells, I find this classification to be very helpful.

Daemonic Cell- These Cells reside within the Eye of Terror. They are the minority as many of the Legionnaires never went to the Eye. These Cells are those with the highest percentages of inherently Daemonic troops, such as Raptors, Possessed, Obliterators, or Defilers not to mention actual Daemons. Not to say that these units do not exist in Cells outside the Eye, they are just much rarer. These Cells are usually led by powerful Daemon Princes, and their attacks generally do not include as many Cultists as other groups.

Structure Cell- These Cells are for the most part theoretical, but are said to be made up entirely of Operatives. For those of you unaware, an Operative is a human who is part Marine, usually with psychohypnotic indoctrination and impantation of some Adeptus Astartes organs. These Operatives are usually part of the Imperial infrastructure, anything from an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Team to a planetary government to even members of the Inquisition. In fact, our only proof of such Cells is the defection of Inquisitor Kravin, previously the leading scholar of Alpha Legion activities. Such a Cell could potentially control an entire army, or perhaps even a whole planet.

Shadow Cell- These Cells form the majority of the Legion. These are the Marines who retreated back to the Legions hidden bases throughout the galaxy at the end of the Heresy. Most action by the Alpha Legion is perpetrated by these Cells. It is believed the largest concentration of these Cells are in the Ultima and Pacificus Segmentums. These Cells are always heavily supported by Cultists and other support, such as mutant revolts and traitorous Guard regiments. The Marines of Shadow Cells tend to have very few daemonic gifts, but do have an affinty for daemonic pieces of wargear. Since their longevity is not extended by exposure to the Warp the majority of Shadow Cell Legionnaires are new recruits. The few veteran members are believed to extend their life through various methods including extended periods of stasis, Warp tonics, and pilgrimages to the Maelstrom and the Eye.

-Lord Inquisitor Fenius


CrusherJoe said...

OK, I'll bite. Where did you get this information? Did many Bothans die or what? :)

Aventine said...

I wrote it, just some speculation and my own personal opinion on one of the lesser known Chaos Legions...

Anonymous said...

if you read the HH book "Legion" you find that ALPHA isnt actually Chaos... and has 2 Primarchs, Alpharius and Omegon. and, all marines in the legion call themselves Alpharius( even omegon) to total strangers or those who they dont trust. also, they all have been plasti-molded to be "clones" of Alpharius and Omegon, who, amazingly, are twins. the twins are also twinceps, they can talk/understand each other without talking.

Anonymous said...

While true about the "legion" book stuff this is 10k years after. I think what Aventine says makes alot of sense and fits with all that I have heard about the legion.

Anonymous said...

I read some were the Alpha legions majority of its entire legion is un-tainted by going into the Eye of Terror and that its For the Emperor Chant seen in a different light is not mocking but pointing to there true allegiance to the Emperor and humanity