Monday, June 8, 2009

Half-Ace Hans Vertigue, Commander Rask and the 'Inglorious Bastard'

Hans Vertigue was always known as one of the best pilots in the Helatian 3rd Air Cavalry Regiment, though also the most foolhardy. Thus it came as no surprise when he was stripped of his Ace status and assigned for duty alongside the Methalor 124th 'Flying Heckfish' for endangering the life of Colonel Deshaun of the Death Korps in a routine transit mission.


RealGenius said...


I love how "Half Ace" sounds like "half-ass" when you say it casually. :)

madtroll said...

nice work

sovietspace said...

Pure awesome. I love the red lighting in the cabin, looks very realistic.

Farmpunk said...

looks good. did you try some Future Floor polish on the glass to make it clearer?

This stuff made my immolator cupolas look like real glass.