Friday, April 30, 2010

Captain Eurico of the 1st Company, Post Crusade

So now on the other end of their one hundred year pentinent Crusade, now the Lamenters have been fully gripped by the Curse. Captain Eurico, formerly of the 8th Company, has risen in ranks to the First.


Anonymous said...

Nice chop job.

RealGenius said...

Awesome and excellent back-story.

I love his phantom mask, and even the watercolor bg. :P)

Master Darksol said...

Very nice.

James said...

Wicked cool.

Wondering about the Lamenters - their "palpable" sense of sorrow and bad luck came from not having the Curse or did they have the Curse and the bad luck?

CrusherJoe said...


I honestly think this one is your magnum opus.

Yes, it's that good.