Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lamenters Assault Terminator Squad Crixus

Veteran Crixus and his cadre of hammer-wielding compatriots were promoted to 1st Squad of the 1st Company in recognition for their actions against the Minotaurs on board the Mater Lachrymarum as it orbited Optera. In the confined quarters of the ship, Crixus' unit incurred a bloody toll. Thirty-seven Brothers of the Minotaurs Chapter were taken out of action by the unit, while they also dislodged half a dozen boarding torpedoes. Not a single one of them fell that day. Again was their fate on Malvolion, and again on Devlan. It is certainly true that Crixus and his men live charmed lives, but that does not belittle their skill.


Lamenters said...

Hi mate,

I'm crazy do not get paint lamenters, what steps follow?


Aventine said...

1.tausept ochre
2.devlan mud wash
3. Iyanden darksun
4. Golden yellow highlight

checks are penciled in and then done over with black paint.

Lamenters said...

Primer in white or black? :(

Aventine said...