Sunday, June 20, 2010

Death Company Athaloc

Chaplain Athaloc always assembled a fearsome host of Death Company around him, the finest Lamenters to fall to the Rage and where a jump pack. Generally a member of the Librarium would join him in Command; as with age, Athaloc began to lose his tactical mind.

Brother Jacobus,
Fell from the Sepulchery Guard while battling the Eldar of Biel-tan.

Brother Ephaestos,
Veteran of the 1st Company

Captain Elemnus,
former Captain of the 8th,
and survivor of over 17 engagements with the Death Company

The Duelist,
though a Tactical Marine before his fall The Duelist was
somehow gifted with an amazing skill of sword ever since.


Zenos said...

Very nicely done. I have done Mephiston as my Lamenter Librarian and he came out quite well too.

However I do love your take on the Sang Guard and Death Company. Well done on the scheme, suits the yellow quite well.

Anonymous said...

White Death Company FTW.. but the Heart in the book looks really out of place. :)

oni said...

Very cool. I like these models in white, it's nice change from the typical black.