Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reclusiarch Xeras

920.M41 Reclusiarch Xeras commissions the creation of his personal Sepulchery Guard near the outset of the Lamenters Crusade.

While accompanied by this group of hand-picked warriors Xeras has sought out the thickest of fighting in the Crusade and done nothing but succeed.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome you were able to make a list with no land raider and no terminators. I've really been struggling to do something similar with my Mantis Warriors but no list so far has interested me.

I am thinking of trying out a 3 Dreadnought list but we shall see as there is always something else to paint :/


Aventine said...

Yeah, it even has won a couple games against solid lists/opponents (you'll get to see one next week in a BoLS battle report....).

You should definitely look into some Ironclads if you take out Terminators/ Land Raiders. Space Marines really don't have as many non Terminator combat units as Blood Angels obviously, but the Dreads may be a way to go...