Monday, September 27, 2010

Sepulchre Guard Xeras

The Brothers of this squad were commissioned into service by Chaplain Xeras in 920.M41 as his personal bodyguard for the duration of the Chapters one hundred year pentinent crusade. The commission was very specific, each member of the squad was the last survivor of their previous unit. They painted the wings of their jump packs black at the order of the Chaplain. They do not bear the typical silver armour of the Sepulchre Guard and instead wear five golden honor suits passed on to the Lamenters from the Blood Angels in M.38. Each day Xeras leads the squad in reflection over loss and anger, as to avoid the pitfalls of the Rage. In battle these avenging angels fight like men without regrets. Through their loss they have achieved greatness and are thus some of the most respected members of the Chapter.

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