Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Angel and the Demon

So I made this army list as an attempt at substituting strong assault units (like Terminators or Sanguinary Guard) with the use of both Sanguinor and Mephiston simultaneously. Despite costing over 500 points for the pair of them (quite the chunk at 1850), they really have a great synergy together. With the right mix of support units these two can form the core of a very effective army. Edited army 1/1/11.

HQ: Menoloth, the Lost One (Mephiston) 250 pts

HQ: The Lamenter (Sanguinor) 275 pts

Elite: Furioso Dreadnought 171 pts
Smoke Launchers; Blood Fist with Heavy Flamer; Frag Cannon; Searchlight
1 Drop Pod

Elite: Sanguinary Priest 60 pts

Elite: Sanguinary Guard 240
5 Sanguinary Guard; Power Fist; Chapter Banner

Troops: Assault Squad 223 pts
9 Assault Squad; Meltagun; Power Fist x1
1 Rhino; Searchlight

Troops: Assault Squad 245 pts
10 Assault Squad; Meltagun*2; Storm Shield x1
1 Rhino

Troops: Assault Squad 126 pts
5 Assault Squad; Flamer
1 Razorback; Heavy Bolter

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad 130 pts
Missile Launcher x4

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad 130 pts
Missile Launcher x4

I played a game with it last night for the first time against Dark Eldar, won kill points 15-11 (though the Sanguinor got four KPs [Wyches, 3 Haemoculus'] himself, and knocked a unit of Incubi to 1 model). A squad of Reavers almost wiped out one of my Dev squads, but the lone missle launcher went on to destroy two Ravagers. Overall a real fun game that tested the army to its fullest...


Unknown said...

Seems like a pretty nice list. Those models look really sweet. Do you have a pic of your entire army? I would love to see them all together.

Zenos said...

Interesting list... how exactly are you using the priest? With the Stern?

Aventine said...

w/ the 9-man Assault squad

Venerable Brother said...

Damn expensive HQ! But a very threatening combo!

Your army is gorgeous on the tabletop mate...loved those scout bikers!

Shame they didn't make the cut in the list...

How is the frag cannon dread working out? Does it rely on someone opening up a transport first, or using the cannon on rear armour?

Aventine said...

Thats such a funny response Venerable, the Cannon Dread somewhat relies on my opponent not being 100% mech, which happens a fair amount in these parts. It utterly destroys anything on foot.

Johnny Foodmaster said...

I just found the blog. I really like the Lamentor's color scheme that you've used. Do you have a tutorial?