Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scout Bike Squad Alegario

Veteran Alegario and his unit, Brothers Turro and Danilo, are brothers from birth, not just as Space Marines. It would be remarkable for a family to have one son recruited, much less three, and for all of them to have made it this far in the process is nothing short of a miracle. They have learned to communicate over a lifetime, and do not even need to speak on the battlefield. Their recruitment, as well as the recruitment of other Initiates at that time, was not sanctioned by the High Lords. Though the Lamenters were prohibited from creating any new Brothers while on crusade, Chapter Master Malakim Phoros knew that this would mean the extinction of the Lamenters. Thus, in 940.M41, three years after Phoros returned to the Chapter, he commissioned Lukas, the Captain of the 10th, to rebuild his Company.

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Warhammer39999 said...

These are great! The yellows are so crisp and the lines are clean. I'm not sure if the specks of mud on top of the right bike's fender are intentional or not, but it really adds to the effect. Due to the fact that they're otherwise so clean, I have to assume it was intentional though, to which I have to suggest you use more of it. Brown and yellow work great together (despite their obvious connotations). I'd also like to see the weapon barrels drilled out... but I love 'em just the same.