Thursday, March 17, 2011

Assault Squad Zosinos

The third squad of the second Company, assigned to Strike Force Iltempus, is lead by Veteran Brother Zosinos. Known as The Hallowed, Squad Zosinos is usually sent into the most volatile war zones as a spearhead unit. Zosinos himself is a bit of an oddity in the Lamenters, as he is a strict adherent to both the Codex Astartes and the holy teachings of the Sanguinarian Cult. He encourages his unit to display their many battle commendations and honorifics, as well as their Sanguinarian mementos. Recruited from the jungle-dwelling savages of the feral world of Svento X, Zosinos is a loud, boisterous commander, who never shies from a fight.


Zenos said...

The white on the bolter casings matches the other accents well on this squad better than some of the others. Well done man!

And no feedback on Black Blood? :)

Drathmere said...

You've got a great looking lamenters force!

Albrek said...

Very nice Lamenters, really like em :)

I'm making a Lamenter's army for a badab war painting comp run by my LFGS - any tips you;ve got?

I can't seem to see the chapter badge on those chequered shoulders - left it out? :)